My review of 2018

A summary of my year-long goals and results

Kristoffer Hebert
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I have always had trouble motivating myself with traditional S.M.A.R.T goals. They seem so small and find a hard time caring about them.

I am a believer in what I call Heroic goals.

Heroic goals are big motherfucker goals that you know you cannot achieve but work heroically towards them anyway. I do this because it inspires maximum effort.

I believe I achieve more, despite failing, with these kinds of goals.

My Goals and the Results

  1. Climb Mt Rainier
  2. Complete 36 credits towards my Computer Science Degree

The Process

  1. I hired a Physical trainer
  2. I hired a Diet Coach
  3. I regularly hiked every Sunday and even traveled to place in Canada like Squamish and Banf, to climb mountains. I’ve done more hiking this year then all my other years combined.
  4. I scheduled blocks of time to complete my college work and my entire Saturdays.


Climbing Mt Adams, Washington
Due to thunderstorms. It sucks because I was within 600 feet to the summit when thunderclouds starting rolling in. I felt strong and I would have completed it the weather wasn’t so dangerous.

Climbing Black Tusk, Squamish, Canada
I seemed to attract thunderstorms. We were near the mountain by the time that thunderstorms rolled in. We turned back to our camp at Lake Girabaldi and called it a night.

Climbing Mt Rainer
I gave myself a test of climbing to Camp Muir (10,188 ft) with a 40lb backpack in under five hours. I did it in eight and it was the hardest thing that I have ever done in my life. I underestimated the effect of altitude on my energy levels. I canceled my guided tour to the peak of Mt Rainer, because I was not ready yet, despite all of my work.


  1. Completed Calculus after failing three times. This one class took me 6 months alone to pass.
  2. Completed 24 credits towards my Computer Science degree
  3. Climbed Mt Si over 6 times
  4. Completed various hikes and mountains climb in Canada, in places like Squamish and Banff.
  5. I am in the best shape of my life physically. I am not my skinniest weight but I am the most active I’ve ever been.
  6. Lost over 30 pounds while putting on muscle. I went from 236lb to 205lb
  7. Ate healthier food, which will contribute long term to my weight loss.


  1. I got promoted to Web Developer III
  2. I completed AWS certification for Solution Architecture
  3. I took up Martial Arts
  4. I got my Filipino passport, making me a dual citizen
  5. I wrote over 26 blog posts
  6. I read over 33 books



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