Can you hear me now?

Our company, IN10T, was recently working on a project around the timing of customer communication. One part of the project was to look at when businesses talk with their customer’s. Below is a sample data set we ran for a specific group in Agriculture. (Sample included 100 Twitter Users with expressed interest in #AgTech)

Suggested timing for highest Customer Engagement

Next, we looked at Ag Businesses with excellent brand value to determine when they talked to customers via twitter. Here are two samples from over 100k follower Ag Companies

When Ag Companies Communicate via Twitter

Assuming, the customers are growers (Farmers), it would make sense to look at when this group is engaging online right? (yes this sample size 2 but interesting for demonstration via a blog post)

When Farmers Communicate via Twitter

The good news is Wednesday is a common theme!!! Time of day is where we see delta’s but probably not unexpected.

So What? There is a gap between companies and customers communications! This graphic shows how:

So yes, companies can hire an agency to schedule tweets for 10pm but is that really communicating with our customer? Food for thought….

Originally published at on February 16, 2017.