How to grow younger on your birthday

First, I have a confession to make.

What most people love about birthdays stresses me out.

Organise a big party? *stress*

I can organise a gathering anytime.

If I do so on my birthday, I feel bad that people will feel they need to bring presents for me.

It would not be a democratic party.

If I want them to bring something, I’d rather organise a potluck, where they bring something everyone gets to enjoy and share.

Not something just for me.

Which leads to the next stress.

Receive expected presents? *stress*

Don’t get me wrong, I love getting presents.

I love the delightful experience when someone gives me, says or does that unexpected random thing that warms my heart or tickles my bones.

Or makes my toes curl (the good way).

An unexpected gift of love freely given and aaahh, lovingly received and soaked into my happy cells.

Feels genuine.

Presents that people are expected to bring because I have organised a social gathering for my birthday . . . just feels different.

Besides, I have way too many things!

I am still trying to get rid of some of them!

I’ll get there, channeling Marie Kondo.



Which brings me to my next stress.

Have everyone I know in one room? *stress*

Omg that would be a nightmare as I would want to connect with everyone and the larger the number of people the harder it is for me to go beyond the surface.

No peace there.

If I did hold a large party it would be for the awesome people I know who didn’t yet know each other to get to know each other.

Which doesn’t need to happen on my birthday.

What does happen on my birthday that helps me grow younger?

Waking up naturally, quietly, bathed in the gentle luminescence of 5am.

A beautiful sense of anticipation stretches with my limbs into my soft firm cotton-scented bed.

I have time. I have space.

Mmmm that cool morning air perfectly complementing the doona sushi I roll myself into.

I might drift off to sleep again.

Then slowly, I wriggle my toes to start a moving meditation of yoga in bed.

(Don’t go there. It’s not that kind of writing. Not this piece anyway.)

I start to feel a cranial tickling as my still mind revs up.

“City of stars, are you shining just for me?”

That’s the current song in my inner playlist, juxtaposed against the deliberate drums from the video of two men in a forest doing kilted yoga. Dayam.

I am Benjamin Buttoning just thinking of that video.

The La La Land soundtrack is still playing.

“It’s another day of sun!”

Oh! That makes me want to dance!

Swing, jive, foxtrot, waltz, salsa, bachata . . . heaven . . .

I’ve been taking lessons. Joy!!!

I’ve been exploring new dance styles. Double joy!!!

Sertanejo universitario, forro, now what’s kizomba?

Joy joy joy . . . swirling into gratitude.

Am growing younger with every blessing I count.

Everyone and everything in the past that has brought me to today.

Everything I am and have today that makes the future exciting.

Existing in the presence of the present.

I feel blessed to have so many opportunities to make others’ lives better, hearts lighter, wallets heavier.

I feel blessed to have mentors and teachers from whom I learn to quieten my mind, tame my feelings, tune my body, strengthen my spirit.

I feel blessed to parent a beautiful child transforming into a wonderful young man, supported by an awesome father.

I feel blessed to own my own personal journey, embracing wrong turns, detours, potholes as well as woohoo’íng green lights, spectacular views and breathtaking adventures.

I feel blessed to have an amazing blood family, especially crazy aunties high on life and cousins to do stuff with.

I feel blessed to have an evolving soul family to eat with, learn with, chat with, walk with, dance with, laugh with, sing with, work with, grow with.

And I feel blessed to indulge in this writing today, on my birthday.

Here’s a summary for the left-brainers :) ❤

To grow younger on your birthday:

1. Own your shit.

2. Choose love and joy.

3. Nurture yourself.

4. Love fiercely.

5. Be a legend at work.

6. Get up to mischief.

7. Laugh a lot and do punny things.

I leave you now as I look forward to a glorious day which will include going on the flying fox in a new playground, and doing stand up paddle yoga for the first time :D