Happiness Hack: This One Ritual Made Me Much Happier
Nir Eyal

It is amazing to to know that the concepts I tried to develop with friends are far back as 4 years ago, were mentioned in this article.

You know, I came up with this idea that us group of friends, will meet at a different friend’s house over the weekend. It was just to hang out, chill, talk over a few drinks and food (a bit like you Kibbutz).

I knew the importance of meaning relationships back then, and that’s probably why I cut people off my Facebook, who choose to be anti-social. I wanted to have something personal and meaningful with anyone on my Facebook (not just “someone” on my Facebook).

Little did I know that I was on the right track. The sad news, however, was that I seemed to be the only one who valued this, and no one else bought the idea… It never took place!

Over time though, I have learned to focus my attention and invest only in those who are genuinely interested. So I have a small circle of good friends, people with whom after I spend quality time, I always feel refreshed.

Sadly, not everyone gets this.

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