Very interesting piece.

If you just look up the definition of appropriation you will be able to see that the scope of Africans in America who wear African clothing is not remotely comparable to white appropriation of Black culture. We’re probably talking less than a percent of U.S population not including African clothing designers compared to at least more than a percent of world population in record sales of white artists that appropriate Black culture and those who get plastic surgeries to specifically get features that are most common to many Black women. The sources of the sales and profit are also important when you use the word appropriation. Most African clothing that is purchased in America is distributed by Asian manufacturers. (Who by the way are way up in the cultural butt of many African countries and who are probably the main source of the problem) Some are made and sold by African American and African retailers who probably did not go to Africa to get them. In white/black culture appropriation schemes, the white record companies and artists are usually the only ones propheting. Which was their sole plan in the first place. Appropriation is just not the right word for the author to use. He should just have explained and maybe added pictures of clothing and jewerly that he felt was disrespectful for people who are not part of the direct culture to wear.