Love yourself so you can take care of your health

Most of people specially the adults don’t think about their body or mental health until they faced some health issues.When we were young our health was dynamic with a strong body,healthy mind,a great memory…That’s why most of us don’t take care of it cause we thought that health stay stable even after many years, And it’s a big mistake.

The fact is our health decline with age, More we get older more we becomes weak .
First of all,God gave us a body and a mind in a perfect way to take care of it.It means that you own your body and your mind,No one can be responsible or can take care of it instead of you,So you have to deal with your body as well as you can,And it will never failure you.

The question becomes what can we do to protect ouselves,our health and our mind ?
I can safely say that lifestyle management can help prevent and minimize the risk of being weak when getting older.

The national institute of health reports that by 2030,There will be a demographic exploding of adults over 65 years than kids aged 18 and younger and there will be one in three people over 50 will have many health issues each year.

However,There are many ways to protect yourself and be more healthier
like you have to eat healthy food, Manage your stress, Do some sports, Clean your mind and avoid the bad habits that kills you by time. And you have to love yourself.
Once you loved yourself, You’ll be happier, Unstressfull, Stronger, More loved by others…

From my experience , I have learned that when you love yourself and make your well-being a priority, And this is not in a selfish way at all, But it’s in a way of treating yourself with love and care so that you can be a healthier person.