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I like to think that someone writing on the workings of federal agencies would know something about how data and information created in those agencies is handled and more importantly packaged for release to the public. This writer does not appear to understand.

Agencies are almost all a mix of politicals and career civil servants. The politicals set the overall priorities and strategies, and the civil servant execute. The civil servants were given career protection to a) fight nepotism, b) stop wholesale turnover every time an administration changed, c) make civil service slightly more attractive (stability) to attract slightly better employees. They do NOT have career protection to allow them to undermine the politicals chosen to lead their agencies. Yes, their are protections that allow civil servants to whistleblow (they are not effective) and yes, civil servants are protected from being asked to break laws. But judgment and values and beliefs are not protected. They’ll get you fired just as they will in a typical corporation, appropriately.