I had my alarm clock set to 3 am on Sunday! Crazy, wasn’t it? It wasn’t for me as I had to catch my favorite team playing their semi-final live for the League of Legends European Championship (LEC). It was a 5-game series (about 4–5 hours) full of back and forth fightings. It was awesome, worth sacrificing every second of my sleep. To be honest, it was worthed it because my team (G2) won in the end. Otherwise, I would be sleep-deprived and mad. HAHAHAHA. Here is what I usually do after my team won their game:

After a big night of movie and mimosa, we woke up pretty late today. We had a quick brunch and left for shopping at City Green in Porirua for fresh veggies. Then, we headed to the Warehouse. I tried my best not to buy unnecessary stuff. I ended up buying a desk lamp and a wild grapefruit scene candle. Not too bad. :D

Every Friday between 7:15 am — 8:15 am, I have a Toastmaster meeting at my office. I’m definitely not a morning person but I love waking up early to catch the meeting. I’ve joint Toastmaster for about 2 years now and I’m proud to say that I only missed the meeting twice!

As a Grammarian today, I chose “Articulate” as the word of the day (WotD). 80% of the members used the word during the meeting! Believe me, it’s hard to get people to use the word of the day in each meeting.

The meeting went well and was fun…

This morning as soon as I woke up I kept thinking about how I should write an email, a medium length one, to summarize an issue I’ve been trying to fix a few days now. I planned to skip my morning shower so that I could go to the office as soon as I could.

But my other self told me to slow down and take my time to get ready as usual.

After my 1st stand-up (of Project A)of the day, I managed to finish the email and sent to prospective recipients. I was hoping to get a reply…

This marks the start of this personal project in order to reflect on my daily activities. I hope this would inspire me to be more creative and use my time wisely!

Usually, Wednesday is my WFH day but this work I decided to do that on a Tuesday instead. That’s because I’m supposed to have a lunch appointment with my old boss. :D

Work is pretty tough today, very busy. There was a peculiar issue on AppInsight logs from Azure App Service. Then, I decided to do cloud debugging on one of the APIs which the issue is found…

As a fellow practitioner in hybrid/Cordova field for a long time, we have a lot of respect for what Telerik AppBuilder team have contributed so far. Unfortunately, they’ve made a decision to discontinue AppBuilder on May 10th, 2018. It’s rough on existing users every time this kind of situation happens.

At Monaca, we believe that our solution is a good alternative to AppBuilder and I’d like to show you how easily you can get back on track by moving to Monaca.

What is Monaca?

Monaca is a cross-platform hybrid mobile app development platform which has various cloud services and tools such as Cloud…

Mobile application security has become increasingly important for both mobile users and mobile app developers. Specifically for developers, securing your app will increase the chance of your app being accepted into the market as well as passed the Google Play Protect.

For this reason, Monaca has started a cooperation with Sony Digital Network Applications, Inc to provide a vulnerability assessment tool for Android applications called Secure Coding Checker. This tool will check for security vulnerabilities and provide remediation guidance for issues that have been found.

Why using Secure Coding Checker?

We are starting a new series about short-term roadmaps for Monaca & Onsen UI to give you a more concrete insight of what we have been doing and what to expect in the upcoming months.

Let’s start by recapping our activities in February, followed by the expected releases in the next 30–60 days.

What’s up in February

Monaca — New iOS Supported Features in Cloud IDE

With the recent release of iPhone X and iOS 11, various requirements have been introduced to the build and deploy process. One example is the App Store icon (1024 x 1024) which is required when deploying your app to the app market.

These new requirements have been…

Payment service either by credit card or cash is a very important feature for all types of business apps. There are many payment services available out there. However, we are going to use Square service in this article. You will learn how to add a payment service into a Cordova app and make a payment using Square service and Monaca Cloud IDE.

What is Square?

Square is a service that provides businesses with a portable Point-of-Sales (PoS) card reader for smartphones and tablets.

This gives businesses an easy-to-use and cost-efficient solution for providing customers the ability to purchase with credit cards. The cost…

Our development team is proud to announce that Cordova 7.1 support in Monaca is now ready. With this latest support, Android Oreo and Swift 4.0 are available in Monaca.

From January 24th 2018, all newly created projects will be using Cordova 7.1 automatically.

What’s New in Cordova 7.1 Support

Main Updates for Androids

Main Updates for iOS

Monaca Debugger

Khemry Khourn


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