Have you ever imagined a world without an artist? Or maybe without art? I know you’re thinking that it would be boring. YES! Life would be boring without art or maybe without an artist let’s just define an artist first. An artist for me is a job for seeing an object different than what other people see in a glimpse. Every artist has the same objectives . Artists offer a sanctuary of beauty to an ugly world that’s what makes them similar. The only difference on them is what passion? Or how will they express their passion to the world. And artists also serves as a person who gives life and meaning to your untainted world. Not just by selling or buying their product they add colors in our boring society. For example on of the groups interviewed Nova Villa. I was amazed by their interview because all the production was good the lightings the audion and video effects are good One of the groups also interviewed a guy saying “take your passion as profession” because without your passion any job wouldn’t fit for you. And also you passion makes you explore the world of creativity which is used even when you’re on the Job. Creativity is one of the most needed for a job for example A business. All business needs Creativity for without it, it will not grow or be successful. That’s why everyone can be an artist but not everyone is an artist. One thing I’ve observed about the other interview is that some groups didn’t involve creativity or even created a good production. Because they didn’t have the passion to do it. If I will be an artist in the near future I would have the traits of being creative and passionate because if I will be an artist I will be needing those traits because I want to be a professional musician. I won’t make it to large industries without using those traits. and I’ve observed about the artist on the group that Interviewed the man behind the coins is that he has many profession like painting and Sculpting. And the other group that Interviewed a photographer he sees the world differently through his camera lense. And some groups interviewed an artist that involved the art of acting. They change the world through multimedia by using art.