Woody Guthrie

“This Machine Kills Fascists”

Some months ago I published a short prose on my exhaustion of the election. Today, that exhaustion has evolved into calm disbelief. So much of what is happening in government only exposes my vulnerabilities as a common woman. Excuse me, a common black immigrant woman.

The powerlessness tastes as real as orange juice post-toothpaste on the tongue — it is jarring, bitter and it lingers. There is not much you can do except wait until it wafts away or you purposefully eat a donut to kill the pungent sensation. Well, we wait.

The initial taste causes cringing in the face, maybe a yelp of disgust and a desperate attempt at smacking our tongue against the roofs of our mouths as if it will repel the sourness. To no avail, we grow calm, drink a glass of water and wait.

In the inability to change a circumstance, our biological and psychological mechanism learns to adapt. We shift our alert system from fifth gear to neutral, so we can survive. And then… I listened to Woody Guthrie, Bob Marley, Pete Seeger and read a Native American article. I got inspired.

There is so much that we have to draw from in the archives of music, folktales, historical documents, scholars and artist. I learned that, wherever I am, with whatever talent I have, I can be resistance to what I know is wrong and speak truth to power to whatever I know is right.

The current American Government has moved from being a capitalist enterprise with the outcome of creating a plural society to being one that is blatantly fascist in it’s organizational structure. It is built on the “white man’s burden” philosophy with all the glory of in-your-face authoritarianism. It would be beyond the scope of this rant to discuss Bannon-a racist with power of the media; Trumpism ingrained with racist and misogynist theology passed down from his father; Sessions-a judge with recorded proof of his bias toward other humans based on the color of their skin; Devos-a billionaire who has no perspective, experience or reference points on children and families that have to attend public institutions of learning and all the other cronies i.e. reality show participant-Omaroso Manigault, Kellyanne Conway, Sean Spicer and the rest.

But in the words of Woody Guthrie:

All of you fascists bound to lose:
I said, all of you fascists bound to lose:
Yes sir, all of you fascists bound to lose:
You’re bound to lose! You fascists:
Bound to lose!

And Bob Marley:

Said, I hear the words of the higher man say 
Babylon your throne gone down, gone down 
Babylon your throne gone down

In my daily walk, I will walk with conscious love and respect of my fellow human being no matter who they are. It is also my right as that same conscious human to find a space to voice the experiences of the people. And I will do my best to exert my own excellence, and be a representative from the people.