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Long time no see. I have a few questions for you. Are you into personalized health? Are you into longevity? Are you into aging?

If you answered yes/yep/any variation of that to any of the above questions, I’d recommend being a part of market research for Biotein, a longevity/aging startup I’m working on:).

Commitment: Maximum 15 minute (we won’t waste your time) Zoom call with a team member.


  • £15 discount on NMN supplements from NMN bio.
  • Or a $25 discount on our future bio-age test/other products!
  • You take your pick -> benefit of the former is that…

The brain
The brain
One of the most useful organs in our bodies

Sit down. Stand up. Now do 5 jumping jacks. Flex your biceps. 💪

What did you just do?

Body exercise, right?

Yep. You just exercised your mind AND your body. Well, maybe just your motor neurons.

“Waiiiit how did I exercise my mind, Nina?”

Let me explain ;). But first, let me start with talking about your brain.

Your brain is one of the biggest and most intricate organs in your body. With trillions of brain cells (neurons) per square centimeter, it’s pretty cool.

Your brain helps you think, sleep, and move. …

Helping you kill the zombie cells in your body, one by one.

Imagine this. You, a 68 year old version of yourself (even if you’re not, try and pretend you are :)), are walking one day, when suddenly your left arm begins to throb and hurt. Your chest feels uncomfortable and you don’t know what to do. The pain comes in and out, and suddenly you black out.

You wake up, having realized you’ve just undergone a heart attack. The doctor discharges you and you walk home, feeling a bit better and motivated to change your habits. In the next few days, you feel fine, but weeks later, you feel a bit…

And how I beat my inner distracted human.

Does this sound familiar?

It’s 9 pm and you’re ready, so ready, to do this. Whatever it is. It could be that blog post, or studying for that test, or making that website you’ve been putting off for a while.

You’re feeling a bit like this guy

But then… your computer emits a short, familiar ding. Your eyes shift over to the top right of your screen to find that your friend has texted you a series of videos about Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos (or Fortnite :)).

Might as well watch them, right? I’ve got time.

They were originally only 15 minutes, but then you found a…

Wow. I wonder what made you click on this article. Scrolling across your Medium feed, and this caught your eye? Thanks, I guess.

Although I probably shouldn’t be thanking you. I should be thanking the universe.

“Nina.. I have a feeling you’re going to launch into a somewhat long explanation again.”

Ah, you know me. Of course I shall.

So, why am I thanking the universe? It didn’t help.

That’s because every action ever made and every thing that has ever occurred has led you to be here. Me too.

This might still be confusing. Honestly, I’m confusing myself too…

The pretty sun


Why the worst day of the week doesn’t have to be the worst.

You wake up to the rays of sun spilling through the windows inside of your room. It’s a beautiful morning, and you’re excited to start the day. Until you look at the calendar.

It’s Monday. Damnit. Suddenly, the world turns gray. The sun is suddenly too bright, the morning is no longer beautiful, and you spill a hot cup of coffee on your outfit.

Your phone beeps. You’re stressing yourself out, and your heart rate is going way up. A quick tap of the finger reveals that you’re approaching a deficiency of iodine, and need to stock up on iodized food. Another tap reveals your biological age. Looking good?

This all sounds pretty futuristic, right?

“I mean, I have the Heart rate app on my apple watch, but that’s pretty much it.”

I get it, this sounds crazy. However, I don’t actually think it’s all that crazy when you really look at it. Let me tell you why.

How it would work

It would simply be an app…


Why you should play foosball… in life terms.

You’re twisting the pegs. You must stop the ball from entering the slot! Tension builds… and your opponent gets it in! Darnit.

This is the game of foosball. Wonderfully unproductive, but it somehow gives you a sense of accomplishment when you win.

However, I’m going to help you out and give you some life lessons I’ve learned from playing foosball.

Before you start to question my title and tell me I’m wrong and full selflessness is the only thing to pursue in life — Stop. Just listen.

I have never ever, in my 55/4 years of living (yes that is 13 and 3/4 years), met someone who is fully and truly selfless.

And I’m not hanging out with people from the Underworld.

Evil fire monster
Evil fire monster
What you might think my friends look like?

I’m talking to people who are kind to me, who are currently changing the world, who put care and effort into things they do and are all-around amazing.

You’re born with a lot. From your hair color (unless you dye it), to your eye color (unless you put contacts in) to your sweater color (unless you stain it), you can choose a lot.

And no, the main thing about this article I want you to take away isn’t the number of preset functions there are. I want you to realize how many exceptions there are. You can dye your hair. You can color or put contacts in your eyes. You can stain your sweater. You can edit your genes.

Maybe we’ll expand on that last point? …

Nina Khera

Nina Khera is a human longevity researcher. She specializes in senescent cells & their eradication and is a co-founder of http://bioteinresearch.ca.

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