7 Slot Machine Myths

Whether your standing in front of one, or are playing one on your phone or laptop, the fact is that slot machines are one of the most played casino games.

Perhaps because of the amount of years they’ve been around, and in all sorts of different environments from casinos, to pubs and clubs, there seem to be more myths associated with using slot machines, then any other type of casino game.

Also known as fruit machines, these myths could have grown in the fact that humans always look for patterns, to create order out of madness. Sometimes this can lead to spotting trends in completely random situations.

On top of that, a lot of these myths have been propagated online in recent years as people have tried to sell guaranteed winning systems and created online businesses around beating individual fruit machine programming.

But what’s the truth? Do these systems exist and can you beat them? Or are most of the facts about fruit machines simply myths?

Slot machine myth #1:

Slot machines are programmed to reward you highly initially, and then reward you less and less until your money is gone.

Another way of putting this method is that slot machines are in some way programmed to have hot winning streaks and cold losing streaks, sucking you in with some wins to encourage you to pump in more money, including any winnings, before they then go cold having taken your cash.

The truth is that although these hot and cold streaks can happen, they are random. The reason for this is that slot machines are not programmed in blocks of spins, they are programmed purely to randomize each individual spin.

Where this myth has come from is probably that once people win they keep pumping the money in in attempts to win again. The longer you play, the more likely that you will lose all your money. Although it’s completely random, it feels like you’ve gone from good to bad.

So it doesn’t matter if you are using an online casino, or a real slot machine, each spin is a unique set of circumstances and has unique odds.

Slot machine myth #2:

A slot machine that has sucked up a lot of money will eventually pay out big time.

A consistent myth is that slot machines build up a lot of cash and then start to pay out in order to suck people in, through myth number one.

This would require the fruit machine to have parameters programmed into it whereby it started to change odds based on the amount of money it had received within any stated time-frame. The truth is that this is not programming that exists in casino machines.

Although online casinos and modern machines are more sophisticated, the basic truth again is that each individual spin has the same odds as any other individual spin, because of the odds ratio that is built into the machine on a per-spin basis.

This myth seems to come about from TV programs where somebody sits and watches the idiot pumping money into the machine, then wanders over after them and immediately wins big time. It simply not true.

Slot machine myth #3:

If you win a machines jackpot you won’t win anything again for ages, so walk away.

And there is obviously a common sense point to make around walking away when you win a jackpot, the truth is that machines are not programmed to not pay out again if you have won a lot out of them.

It’s the same answer to for almost every slot machine myth in many ways, around these type of claims that the slot machines have an intelligence around calculating based on the money going in and out.

Again, the truth is that each individual spin which has odds calculated. Odds are not calculated based on money going in or out, or results of previous spins in a sequence. The truth is it’s all about odds, and you could win the jackpot with one spin, and win the jackpot again with the next spin, however because of the odds on each spin, your chances of doing so are astronomically small.

Slot machine myth #4:

The highest paying machines and games are hidden away in the corner.

Whether you are talking about a physical machine, or an online casino slot machine game, an enduring myth is that the machines with the highest payout rates are not highlighted online, or in such a good physical position.

This myth is one of the stranger ones because why would a casino deliberately keep your attention away from any of its machines or gain? Whether it’s an online game or physical machine, people are not stupid and will either try a range of machines, or look at the odds themselves.

In fact, especially with physical slot machines, surely it would make more sense to see people winning in a prime location, and also tempting them on to trying a range of machines, or online games, through having good fortune with a slot machine that has a higher payout rate?

Slot machine myth #5:

Online slot machines contain algorithms so that they always make you lose in the end.

The truth is that an online game will obviously, just like a physical slot machine, have odds which are long, which means they are weighed to give the house an edge. Basically the odds are always going to be slightly in favor of the casino.

This simple fact means that even with online slot machine games, they are always going to win in the long run, and by keeping you occupied and enjoying yourself, ultimately you will spend more money, which is what they want.

If every time you played you lost, how long would you remain a member of the site, or have the cash flow to keep playing the games? The odds are set so that in the long run the casino makes a profit, but that the players have the enjoyment factor as well, sometimes winning sometimes losing.

Slot machine myth #6:

Playing with a bonus lowers your chance of winning.

This is yet another enduring myth, both for online and offline slot machines.

The truth is that as with most of the myths, what is being ignored is that online and offline games have at their heart a random number generator (RNG). This is constantly cycling through random numbers, and when you hit play to spin, you are basically selecting the current string of random numbers, which are then allocated to stops on the spinners.

This means that the RNG does not know if you are using bonus money. All it does is cycle through and generate random number sequences for the machine to use, it’s not linked to the money going in, and it does not change random number generation based on the type, amount or frequency of the stake.

Slot machine myth #7:

Slot machines pay out more frequently during slow user periods than they do when lots of people are playing them.

Just like all the other myths, there’s no logic to the claim that the payout odds are dynamically changed by the machine depending on how often it’s played.

Physical machines cannot have their odds changed without them being opened up and having the chip inside physically replaced, while also completing a lot of paperwork. Although it’s not quite the same for online casinos, why would the odds change when things are slow?

If things are slow, either online or offline, does it really make any sense for a machine that is getting less money in to pay more money out? The bottom line is that the random number generator works the same all the time, and the odds of getting a payout remain the same every time the slot machine spins.

Common Slot Machine Myths Debunked

So now you know that all of the main claims around using online and physical slot machines are basically false.

They are mainly around claims that the machines dynamically change their rates of pay out and the odds of getting a payout depending on different conditions. This is unequivocally false.

Now you know this, you know that any myth around beating the fruit machine system is untrue.

What you should be more concerned about is making sure that the money you spend is safe and accessible to use at any time.

A new company out there seems to be on the verge of solving the bigger problem of slot machine use: safety and availability.

The Kheper Project is launching an innovative blockchain project looking to integrate cryptocurrencies into online and physical slot machines.

The money you pay into a Kheper account is kept as a cryptocurrency, and will be available to spend through an intelligent and unique link-up with online casinos, allowing you to spend the money there. On top of that, they are seeking to allow physical tokens be spent in participating casinos, which will link back to the balance in your Kheper account.

So forget the myths around trying to play the odds and win, and focus more on embracing the new technology options out there to give you a safer and more rewarding gaming experience both online and offline.