Religion vs Science

First Draft

My topic is an Aristotle argument. There is a fight to where the humans came from, we have a lot of theories but the most famous and controversial are if god create the universe and humans or if the Universe was created by the big bang (science topic). But at the end of the day the person by itself decide on what to believe.

Many people are looking for the answer, and it’s a serious topic because the only thing that keep us away from chaos is religion, but for science the religion is a primitive thinking that everything is going to be fine, as a hope method. On religion there are different types on what to believe as the Jews, Catholic, Christian, Islam, etc…but on every religion they look like the same, as an example there would be the arc of Noe, which on almost every religion they talk about the same dude that has to put all animals in the boat.

Scientist read the bible to make some difficult questions to the people that believes in religion, at the moment are five questions that are made by scientist, the first question is how Noe made it possible by putting all the animals in the arc, the second question is when Jesus and his followers were at the dessert, how did Jesus gave food to ten thousands of peoples and no one die from starving, with just ten fish and 2 breaths, the third question is, if God create the Universe who created God, the fourth question is if God is the supreme creator why there is a devil, and the last question why innocent people die around the world.

To refute the paragraph on top are too much ways, as for the first question, Noe collect animals from two by two but he just got the babes or the eggs because they don’t occupy that many space, and on the 0ld times America wasn’t discover yet so there were just animals from West Europe. The second question would be answered with just moral and simple complex, the followers of Jesus they had food for themselves and some more than they needed so Jesus share his food (ten fish and two breath) so the others would follow the same action and at the end of the night they ended up with more food than at the beginning. The fourth question has to be common sense, if there is dark there has to be light and the opposite side, but God send humans to earth to know how they react, there has to be punishment for the bad guys, and if God would not punish the bad guys there would be chaos and no regrets.

My target audience are the people that don’t believe in religion and doesn’t want to open his mind to new perspective, think of how many possibilities there were so you can be born there are too little.