Evolution of Technology and Man #2

Technology … Technology … Technology! What would we do without you. You can see that as years go by people are getting hooked on what’s the NEXT BIG THING. The iPhone 7, virtual reality gaming, waterproof technology, but WHAT IS NEXT?

As technology evolves so does society. In order for us to understand the changes that have occurred within the development of technology, we first need to identify how these changes have impacted on the way we humans communicate and the different ethical issues that surround these changes.

Now, I think one of the main ethical issues that emerge as a result of change in technology includes the responsibility that each user inherits when using technology. Misconduct of treatment to other individuals, breach of privacy, security concerns … These are all ethical issues that surround these changes. We are all entitled to privacy and our own personal security, soooooo as users we need to keep in mind that what we say and do can impact others. Rights to personal information/detail, what you see and what you do should all be kept private according to your decision. The Privacy Act (2016), “regulates the handling of personal information about individuals. Personal information is information or an opinion about an identified individual, or an individual who is reasonably identifiable.” The Privacy Act basically states what you are entitled to, whether it be an opinion or personal information, you still have a right to privacy.

A key struggle that I’ve noticed for today’s generation is the fact that we don’t bother reading what the different privacy policies that social media platforms state, nor do we understand what is being shared or kept private on our behalf … unless of course we actually bother reading what it is BUT WHO DOES? (Jks, people actually do read it but we’re just ceebs). BUT, what I’m trying to say is, is that if you are aware of what the Privacy Act is, you’ll have greater control of how your personal information is handled. You’ll know what can be shown, what is shared and how to keep your rights in check basically.

But don’t let all of this protocol nonsense hold you back from being you. There is still a brighter side to social media platforms because we as the users set the culture, so we are in power. The latest trend within media culture that is set is usually the most influential on the way humans communicate with one another. Skype, facetime, GIF’s, snapchat, flickr, emojis … These are only some of the new crazes that society has been using to communicate. It’s the new thing. Short and sweet is apparently running our world right now. So communicate with an emoji with a GIF and join us on the latest trend within today’s generation.

Here’s a little something, something for yah, showing that social media is still growing and growing and growing and growing and growing … and growing and evolving!


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