Biometrids security and what’s in it for me

Morten Nielsen
Nov 8, 2017 · 3 min read

Today we are going to talk about security on the Biometrids platform and another investor perspective: What’s in it for me?

The first thing to understand regarding security is that we are bound by the hardware in the devices. This presents us with a variety of problems that we need to solve to ensure the platform is secure and functional in stage 1.

One of the main security features in facial recognition is the use of 3D pictures, which prevents people from using a picture of someone else to login to their account. In the first stage of the platform, we will be using 3D pictures because they are more reliable and unique. Combining this with a password will prevent others from accessing an account that isn’t theirs. However, we face a problem with twins. Twins can open each other’s account with their faces; to solve this, we are building a double account function.

In the signup procedure, people will scan their face. In this phase, the system knows that you are trying to make a new account. But if the picture is already in the database, then you will be locked out. In that case, the system will prompt you: Do you have a twin? If you say yes, then you need to have your twin type in their password. The system will scan their face again for differences in the two faces. If it can’t find any, it will simply say: You don’t have a twin. If it finds differences, it will update the picture and let you open an account. This facial scan will be more detailed than the first one because now the system knows that it has to go into deeper insight with this face.

We know that the above task will have some difficulties, but remember this is the first stage. We need to evolve the facial recognition to be more reliable and make it better at finding uniqueness in the faces during the first scan.

Nodes - what’s in it for me?

To make the Biometrids platform secure and fast, we need to use nodes. Nodes will be implemented in our third stage of development. The 3D pictures I described before, will be cut into little pieces and be stored in the blockchain; to unlock the pieces, you need the master key that is the face. To do this, we will need a lot of nodes to run the network. These nodes will have our facial recognition software built into them.

When someone scans their face, the nodes start working on solving the puzzle. The community will run these nodes, to make them decentralised, and every node will be paid for solving the puzzle. Every time someone identifies themselves, there will be two transactions.

1: The request for identification.

2: The identification.

When a company wants someone to identify themselves, they can send a request for the person to identify themselves. The person then scans their face, which identifies them to the company. These transactions will have a cost of 0.1IDS each and the transaction fee will be paid out among the nodes. 10% of all transactions will be send to foundation to keep the system running in the future. 90% will go to the node that solved the puzzle.

To run a node on the Biometrids platform, you need to stake a minimum of 10.000IDS into your nodes wallet. Nodes that are used to calculate a puzzle will randomly be selected to make the network secure. 5% of the nodes available will be randomly selected to solve the puzzle, each time there is a identification request.

Everyone can run a node, as long as they stake the 10.000IDS in the node and they have the hardware to run the node.

The above numbers can change and they are not definitive.

Biometrids PRE-ICO will start on the 25th of November, and there will be 5.000.000 coins for sale in the PRE-ICO. The minimum investment is 0.1eth and the price will be 910isd/1eth.

We have NO private sales.

Our ICO runs from the 16th of December until the 13th of January, or until all coins are sold. 70.000.000 coins will be for sale in our ICO.

Read more at or join our telegram channel.

Our whitepaper will be out between the 15th and 20th of November, and our roadmap will be revealed later this week.

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