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Faded memories

Tunes faded away
Lyrics lingered on,
Music struck in sheets
Measured in metronome.
Of promises forgotten
Of words unspoken
Of feelings deep shut
In crevices of heart…

I keep on strumming,
Chords of memories,
As moments wax and wane…

-Sweta Roy Choudhury

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Silent stories

There among the busy bustling masses,
Thrives some silent moments,
With stories locked deep in every footprint
Oozing out of crevices of tired souls.
It’s upon you
What you want…
To pass off
To listen with your heart
The stories unuttered.

— Sweta Roy Choudhury

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Some days back, I came across the line 'Fly me to the moon' the opening lines from the song by Frank Sinatra. I was amazed by the line and went on listening to the song. I liked the song. But the lines were not what I imagined it would be.

So I went on to write a poem with the lines I felt, when I first came across the opening of the song. So here it goes:

A journey of Soul

Oh! Wings of soul
Fly me to the moon.
Take me to the stars.
Let's take a long stroll,
Where milky way glitters.

I will cross the rainbow,
Be dyed in seven colours. …



I love making art. My emotions, my life & the people around are my inspiration. Visit my work at

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