Updated Skin Splash Arts

Lil Slugger Trundle

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Junkyard Trundle

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Traditional Trundle

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Skin Updates

Cursed Revenant Nocturne received color changes and tweaks to his textures, particularly on his back.
Black Scourge Singed also received color changes to his shield/casket and his needle is filled with green.


  • The Air and Water elemental dragon pit signs have swapped colors — AIR is now blue (from teal) and Water is now teal (from blue).
The Elemental Dragon mini map marks have been tweaked slightly in shape and color.



  • Base mana increased to 300 from 250
  • Starlight’s Touch (Q) [cooldown reduction effect from passive REVERTED to 5 seconds base from 4 seconds. ]
  • [quick note: Taric nerfs on PBE should now just be the mana growth per level reduction (down to 60 from 75), and the range reductions to W/E


Chaos Storm (R) [duration increased to 6.5 from 6 seconds.]


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