Rjay Ty, Lani Mercado, Alfred Guevarra

Content of this paper:

  1. Similarities & Differences
  2. Roles in society
  3. Qualities that I imitate in the future as a professional

Rjay Ty, Lani Mercado and Alfred Guevarra, three of them started from the bottom but still pursued really what they want without any hesitation. All of them are into art, they’re artists and it’s their passion, Filipino expert artists I might say, they are all successful not just financially but also because they already have fulfilled their dreams in life and still fulfilling it. But of course they’re very different when it comes to their profession, passion, industry, their roles and contribution to the society. Rjay Ty is a rapper, since he was a a kid he already knew what he wants to become in life, he composes and sings rap musics both in the language of Filipino and English, Lani Mercado is an actress of GMA Network, she did many films and teleseryes, played different roles from being a leading lady, mom roles etc. and Alfred Guevarra is a tattoo artist, a painter, body painter, he have his own shop. Behind their passion in art they also have other deeper roles and contribution in life, Rjay Ty is having his side line, he is a manager of Progress Shop a retail store, he has a girlfriend, and he helps his parents especially in their financial needs. Lani Mercado is a politician, a mother, and a wife of actor and former Senator Bong Revilla and Alfred Guevarra is a follower of God. Rapper Rjay Tee serves the society with his voice as the key to influence the people with meaningful messages about his thoughts and experiences. Actress and politican Lani Mercado contributes to the society of entertaining viewers and her fans by her talent of acting, and serving the society of being member of the Philippine House of Representatives for the 2nd District of Cavite, and Painter and tattoo artist Alfred Guevarra entertains, encourages and sends messages to everyone about his knowledge and ideas using his paintings and fulfilling the wants of his customers of putting tattoos on their skin. The qualities of them that I imitate in the future as a professional are first about Rjay Ty what I like about him is that he is still enjoying his life while his doing his passion and his job, he still go to parties, bond with his friends and create awesome and cool memories, for Lani Mercado what I like about her is that she is a strong woman despite of all the things happened to herself and to her family she still continue her life serving the society, last but not the least what I like about Alfred Guevarra is his motto in life, that what you do in your life should be aligned to the teachings of God and therefore youll be successful.

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