Personal Brand Image matters

Aristotle once said “We are what we repeatedly do” and this is totally true but we are also what we say, what we read, what we wear, and what we do not do as well.

Brand image is no longer a corporate concept, nowadays we are talking about personal brand image, the way we walk we talk the way we express ourselves and the stuff we post online. In this article I want you to follow these 3 tips that will make your brand image brighter.

Manage your online presence:

This notion of personal branding has become crucial in order for us to find a job, to find a partner or even a friend. With the emergence of internet, it is even more complicated to manage this image, all what you say, all what you do and do not do is recorded somewhere on a computer chip and it might bite you in the butt if you don’t know how to take care of it. You need to manage your online accounts (Facebook, twitter, Instagram, blogs…) and keep track of all our passwords in a single file that you should keep in a safe place.

We all have heard about the embarrassing Myspace pictures of Tom Hardy English actor that he posted when he was a teenager. So if you are someone famous or someone who is trying to be an important figure you should start filtering your online posts and accounts and preferably hire a professional online community manager to do that for you.

Focus on first Impression:

First impression is probably the one that will stay with you during all your entire life, you should give it a big importance does not matter if you are at a job interview a cocktail party or a super market. The way you treat yourself will reflect how people will treat you; respect yourself, do not wait for people to rate you should act first and earn their respect; for example, if you introduce yourself to someone as an unemployed people will think of you as a loser if you say that you are an entrepreneur even though you did not start anything yet people will treat you as someone who has dreams and ambitions and the potential to become someone good. Dress to impress, appearance is number one factor to impress people before you talk, so make sure you present yourself in a proper way and even if you think that it is too much for a specific situation or place setting I personally have not heard about someone who was judged for being overdressed.

For people who will say I do not care about what other people think of me, I will say good luck because you are not living alone in this world and like it or not these people will affect your life in a way or another and it is in your own benefit to make sure they will affect your life in a positive way and that only happens when they like you.

Master yourself:

Before going out and trying to build your personal image, you should master your internal universe. If you are not mentally and emotionally ready you will not be able to create the perfect brand image for yourself since it will not be mature enough and you will send mixed signals. In order to be mentally mature; Learn as much as you can, listen twice as much as you speak and most importantly seek experience from people older in age and in knowledge. Master your emotions, I am not saying you should hide them but manage them; for instance, if you are sick and you are always complaining about it to your friends who cannot do anything to help, they will get pissed off at some point and you will be perceived as a dramatic person and I guess no one will like that image for him/herself.

Be emotionally intelligent and show positive aspects because that is what will make people like you, you can argue and say this is some kind of you being hypocrite. No it is not, you are conveying an image that reflects let’s say 80% of your personality traits which are positive. Exactly like when you post the best photo to your Facebook as profile picture.