One minute blog #8: Ignition

Don’t Ignite the fire you cannot contain. Cause it will burn you off, mentally, physically.

This analogy is a mean for any person who is struggling in all areas.

My ideal area to mention about is in the workplace.


Because — everything you said, heard, and received can be a lighting match someday. That can be a whole forest of your achievement.

The easiest thing to spot for is corporate bragging. God, I hate that to the deepest of my bones.

Because, Corporate bragging does not lead to anything productive. Hence, it is destructive for a reason.

The concept lies behind corporate bragging is due to the sense of self-insecurity. Your personal image and how people perceive you at the company.

When a person feel that their self-image is threaten, they will find any explanation to back up their claim, to prove their worth but in exchange of small-talks.

Small-talk is an act of talking behind the back of another colleague and again and again. I was nonetheless a victim of this scheme. It really does exist in every company I worked for in the past till presence. And, it was hard just to say that is very suffocating.

I often imagine myself into a simplified scenario — “We are all working for a paycheck monthly.” — Whether if you create more emotional burden or less hassle, you still see the same figure on your bank account every month.

Why make everything so hard?

What I see through this veil of brutal truth is that once those persons started the fire, you are likely to get burned, too!

So, don’t ever start the fire you cannot contain, and never be associated with it.

Just, don’t play with the fire that can overwhelm you.

Words and thoughts can be deadly.