Thromes and my life compass.

I Wanna become the meteor of my life.

There was some nights like that.

Blazing through the sky.

I was once a 16 years old boy. Growing up in well known Saigon city in South East Asia. With many dreams to chase, many ladders to fall.

I have an eager feeling to curious. I was curious about everything. About my life. Why I was born. What can I do. What can I achieve in this short moment of life.

Life has been by far brought me many experiences. As a young man, I faced many challenges in a while.

I dropped out of university. I was lack of working experience. I see no lights in the end of the tunnel. My life was a dark-filled passage. I could not find my lamp.

… Then I saw this inspiring TEDx talk of a random man on Youtube, who I just crossed by recently on the Internet. His name is Dan Meyer.

Dan Meyer was once a young boy like me. He got many fears. He was bullied at school. He got stung by a mosquito. Laying in bed, facing death in his youth.

Then, he gives me this inspiring speech. Including, 10 Thromes of your life.

The phrase caught my attention. Throme is a word to indicate your life purposes.

What do you want to achieve in your life?

Where do you want to go?

Who do you want to become?

He listed out his 10 Thromes. Here are some of them:

1/ Become an international sword swallower.

2/ Living wild on an island.

3/ Living with a tribal village in Amazon.

4/ Climb the mountain.


There were so many of them. After watching it, I though it would be … a bit impossible when I see sword swallowing.

He finally achieved nearly all of his 10 Thromes in the next 10 years. That was incredible. He got a philosophy of life. His philosophy is to live, to overcome fear. Everyone has fear. I got fear, too.

  • I fear of speaking in front of a large audience. I fear of open up a conversation to a stranger. I fear of networking.
  • I fear of dropping out of my university. That would mean to close many doors of opportunities.
  • I fear of making my life choices.

What I wasn’t know is, that fear will build up the person. Help me become a better man by tomorrow. I wasn’t capable of thinking who I can become in the next 10 years. Life is so much interesting to explore around!

Life is flying by very fast. Who knows that I will be regret if I don’t make my positive life choices. There was so many things to be fancied. Chances will always come to your life. Chances was my meteor.

Meteor is very hard to see in one life time. When you see it, it was like .. witnessing a miracle. Until it only lasts for a few seconds.

So do many chances of your life.

I decided.

I will have my own Thromes of what I want to become:

1/ To live in a foreign country. To explore Europe, South East Asia, Argentina.

2/ To become a profound digital marketer.

3/ To see an NBA games in America. Watching the Golden State Warriors.

4/ To watch Les Twins dancing in real life.

5/ To write and inspire many others.

That are my first 5 thromes.

Life is an endless journey.

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