Who We Want to Be.

In today’s society, we label each other severely. You are labeled upon meeting someone for the first time. You are labeled when you walk through the doors freshman year. You are labeled when you speak your mind. Rich kid, try hard, nerd, player, stoner, princess, fake, slut, athlete, loser, the list never ends.

At some point, we start to wonder “what am I really”? This is where it gets complicated. These labels are slapped on us like a “kick me sign” on our backs. They are set there to define us, so we can place each other in categories. We start to believe the labels that we slap on each other. The more times someone suggests these to us, the harder it becomes. You either except it, defy it, or constantly question it. But in reality, you are not ONE THING. You are not only a rich kid, or only an athlete. It all comes down to who you want to be. Be the rich kid with a generous heart. Be the athlete with a mind for poetry. Be the princess who decides to take off her crown.

I know, this all sounds cliche and ridiculous, you’ve heard it all before. But sit back and think about it. What did you last say about the girl wearing a low cut shirt? What did you last say about the boy with blue hair? You made a comment, then you labeled them. Attention whore. Freak. We all do it to each other, sometimes we become oblivious to the fact that we are bouncing these labels off each other. We know how some of them can tear through us, yet we throw them back out so they can stab someone else. Don’t get me wrong. This is not an angry rant about a name I was called or something that hurt my precious feelings. It’s more about the way I’ve noticed us treating each other. We think it’s okay to talk down to each other and say whatever we want, and we except no one to mind.

Something really important that is essential is the POSITIVE labels we can put on each other. Determined, kind, funny, helpful, smart, artistic. We need to build each other up instead of cut each other down. Take these positive labels, they are precious. They have yet to be turned into a defining characteristic of someone with so many layers waiting to be uncovered.They are a blank book with no writing. Don’t elaborate on them. Don’t turn them into something who defines someone. We are all so unique and beautiful in our own ways, and trying to define us by these simple words is something we simply cannot do.

Of course we know that the labeling will never stop, but the way we let these labels affect us is a different story. Take these harsh words fired your way and toss them up and away; let them roll off of your shoulders without leaving a scratch. We are all complicated creatures with millions of things that make us irreplaceable. One simple word could never encompass all of these things, which is why YOU must choose who you want to be. No, not a label you want to define you. You get to choose who or what you love. You get to tell the stupid jokes you think are funny without becoming an “idiot”. You get to fail a test or two without becoming “hopeless”. You get to wear whatever you feel without becoming “stuck up” or “preppy” or “weird”. Be exactly who you are, and ignore the labels and the people who give them. They don’t own you, you own you.

Be who you want to be.

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