Happy Birthday, Jesus

So, what's it like almost sharing a birthday the world's most influential man? After 40 plus years on this earth, I can say, it's kinda cool. To begin with, I never felt slighted or overshadowed by the birth of this man. While his deeds and life certainly outshine that of my own, I take comfort in the fact that I try to be the best human I can be every single day.

So, where does that leave me in real life? Well, everytime I share my birthdate with someone I have just met, I usually get the typical response: "Oh, your birthday is so close to Christmas! I bet everyone tries to give you one gift for both your birthday and Christmas! Poor you." My response is rather typical and I usually respond politely with, "Yeah, its a bummer."
But, in reality, it’s not a bummer for a number of reasons.

One, I don’t celebrate Christmas. Two, my mom always went out of her way to make sure that my life was celebrated. Whether it was celebrated on my actual birthdate or a different day was irrelevant, but she never let it slide. Three, I share my birthday with a few other close friends and we always get acknowledge each other, commiserate over our fated date and be merry together. And, finally, friends who normally have crazy work hours are usually off work on the 24th so we can celebrate with a late night and cocktails because they never have to work the next day.

When all is said and done, I’m grateful. Grateful for the fact that I was ever born at all and grateful for the fact that I’m sharing this time with one of the world’s most celebrated men.

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

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