The Unofficial Weekly Stratis Retrospect #40 — Khilone

It’s time for The Unofficial Weekly Stratis Retrospect #40.

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Smart Contracts Update

The Stratis Smart Contracts in C# team gave us an update about what happened last week:

Stratis Development Roadmap

A little while ago the Stratis Development Roadmap for Q4 of 2018 was released. I want to make it clear to everyone that this roadmap is NOT in chronological order.

Decentralizing Privacy For Bitcoin

One of Stratis’ valued community members, Acetmesis, wrote a masterpiece. A while ago Stratis released their Breeze Wallet, which enables decentralized privacy for Bitcoin through Tumblebit technology.

Decentralized privacy for bitcoin is a difficult subject for a lot of people to understand, especially when the technology behind it is pretty complex.

Acetmesis took the time to break it down in a way that it’s understandable for everyone. In cooperation with they released the article “Decentralizing Privacy For Bitcoin: The Breeze Wallet, TumbleBit And The Future Of Scaling”. The article can be read over here.


As you can see for yourself, Q4 is the quarter of Stratis’ production releases. Stratis has been working towards this as they always do, work hard and smart. On the Stratis Discord you can actively follow their Github. Here is a fresh bundle of commits they released last week, amongst many more:

Article released their article “New Stratis Q4 Roadmap Focuses On Production Versions Of Smart Contracts, Full Nodes And Sidechains”. You can read it over here.

Article released their article “Stratis (STRAT) achieved a 1 million blocks milestone and released a new, ambitious Q4 roadmap”. You can read it over here.


Stratis got added to the Biztranex Exchange, trading will start on 10 October. I have no experience with this exchange, so as always do your own research if you want to trade there.


GLUON announced their ICO a few months ago, which will be the first ICO to launch from the Stratis ICO platform. This week, GLUON released new information about their project:

That’s it for now. All the best to everyone!


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