Trouble ahead: conservatives gather against Trump.

Politico (and just about everyone) reports that the ultra-conservatives inside the GOP are meeting up this weekend (“in a secret location”) to gather a strategy against The Donald’s nomination. (article linked below)

As this may sound like the sane thing to do, in a campaign where there’s not much sanity to be found, it actually means trouble all round.

Trouble for the GOP

There’s a lot we could say about the man, and others are doing a fine (sic) job at that, but one thing cannot be ignored: he triggers a reaction from just about everyone. The numbers of first-time voters are mindboggling. He speaks a populist language that many hear loud and clear. There was a meme going around facebook last weekend that said ‘You guys call this an election, but it’s not. It’s an IQ quiz, and you’re not looking good, America.’

If the GOP leadership, or even a large enough group of them, joins forces to stop him from getting the nomination, there are a couple possibilities. They could push an alternative (Cruz, Rubio) forward as an independent, or they could have ‘their guy’ nominated altogether at the convention. Either way, it’ll do irreparable damage to the GOP. The Donald has a big following and no matter what they do, these people will feel betrayed.

Trouble for the Democratic Party

At the start of the month, CNN released a poll that stuck in my head until now. If Trump wins the nomination, then both Hillary and Bernie would beat him in November. (article linked below)

Cruz or Rubio as GOP nominees are a whole different story. Hillary would have no chance, meaning Bernie would be needed, and imagine what that’d do to the Democratic Party’s troopers if he wouldn’t lead in the primaries, which is exactly what last night gave us.

Both parties have a rough patch ahead of them if this is going to go through this weekend. I’m following this very closely, as whoever comes out on top in November will influence my world and my life bigtime. Sure, I have a preference, but I’m also pragmatic. Sometimes politics means your favourite candidate loses, and that’s just fine.

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