Custom Domain Email For 0 Bucks.

Getting a customized email for your new domain can be easy and painless and make you look like a Pro, even if your not. Setting up custom email is a must for anyone considering marketing themselves or their business online. However paying for a customized email through your domain or host provider is not necessary. This article will take you through the steps of creating a custom domain email and linking it to your preferred email client (ie. Gmail) manually, thereby avoiding monthly fees.

I looked at most of the popular host sites and found the process to be pretty similar. Firstly(obviously), you need to purchase a domain, which can be packaged together with a host or without. If you simply purchase a domain on its own you will need to link it by pointing the DNS from your domain account to your new hosts servers. In this example the domain is linked to the host provider Bluehost.

First you will need to decide what your custom email will be.

Whatever your heart desires.

Log into your host provider site.

Go to Accounts > C-panel

Scroll down to EMAIL ACCOUNTS

Here you will need to add the custom name you decided on earlier, that is associated with your domain.

Write your Username and Password down, you will need it in a later step.

Mailbox quota. (the limit of space each email account can take up) e.g 250MB or unlimited (this will depend if your server has any limitations)

Now that you have created your new email account! Under C-panel log into your email account, you will see these options. I clicked horde, but it doesn’t really matter because you will not be using this to view future mail.

Once logged in, you will now need to set up email Forwarding. Currently new email delivered to your custom email are sent to webmail shown above, but we want them to re-direct and FWD to your Gmail, Hotmail- whatever main email client you currently use daily. This will ensure all your important emails flow into one main account.

Once you have successfully FWD your emails to your dominate account. You will need to retrieve some info from the server’s webmail manual settings to configure both accounts to link together.

Take note of the Outgoing server :

e.x & SMTP port 465

Now log into your daily email account [gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc.] the one you previously choose to FWD your new mail to. Go to >Settings usually in a drop down near the top right corner.

And find Accounts and Imports tab.

Click > Add another email address you own (aka your new super sweet custom domain email :)

A pop up will appear. Fill out Name: and Email address:

Have your Outgoing Server info ready for the next pop up shown below. Port is usually set to 465. Your Username and Password are referencing the account info you previously picked on your host provider’s C-panel>email account. Click TLS as recommended and ADD ACCOUNT.

Next go back to your inbox on the host site. This will be the last time you will need to refer back to that webmail account. Here you will retrieve your verification code. Copy and paste your pin code. VERIFY and thats it!

Now when using your Gmail etc. you can compose an email by selecting your new custom domain as the sender address. Or you can just set it as your new default email.

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