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I was mesmerized by Kengtung

“Kengtung!” Have you ever heard about it before?

Pleasant view of Rice Terraces

Well, don’t worry you don’t know about Kengtung. I gotta tell you about it.

Lords of the Sunset about the Kingdom of Shan state including Kengtung.

It is the city which is located in eastern part of Shan state in Myanmar.It is a six-hour drive to Tachileik where is border of Thailand,Mae Sai town and a three-hour drive to Minelar where is border of China as well.Most travelers know Kengtung as the good place to go trekking to meet with local people as well as hill tribes.

Actually it is the good place not only for trekking but also for visiting ancient monasteries and historical buildings.Moreover, as it is the city surrounded by ranges of mountains,it has pleasant views and attracted rice terraces.These points are the reasons that I came here.

The old city gate which is not yet ruined

Kengtung had Shan palace till 1991.And also had 12 city gates and walls.But all are already destroyed except only one which is Palyan Gate.Kengtung was magnificent and powerful among Shan state in Myanmar long time ago.In Kengtung ,a lot of Myanmar ethnic people with different languages and cultures can be found.This is the one of interesting facts there.

The house of royal family in Kengtung
The tombs of Kengtung’s Kings

Alright,it is time to go there…

How to go there?

You can go there by flight from Yangon or by car from border of Thailand.

Price of flight ticket from Yangon is between 90USD — 100USD.

Where you stay?

There are a lot of hotels and lodging houses.I’d like to recommend you to stay at Hotel Khema Rattha.The hotel staff is friendly and hospitable. Even if I went alone there, I didn’t feel desolate.

Room rate starts from 20USD.

How you visit around Kengtung?

You can hire a motor bike or car.If you go trekking to meet with hill tribes, you need a guide to communicate with local people.Trekking is a must to do in Kengtung. Don’t worry. You can ask to hotel for a guide and transportation arrangement. Price for car rental is around 40USD per day depends on car type. Tour guide fees are 30USD per day. To visit around Kengtung , you have to take at least 3 or 4 days.

Here we go!

The view on the way of Kabaraye pagoda

On the way of Kabaraye pagoda, you can visit Akhe village.

The old from Akhe vilage
Eng Village on the hill
The lovely old Eng lady

She treated me the roasted peanuts.

Eng is one of hill tribes in Kengtung.Women wear black dress and they have black teeth stained which is made of dry chestnut.

The unique houses in Naung Ngin village
The houses are made of bricks and red clay without using any cement.
Kabaraye Pagoda
Rice terraces near Kabaraye Pagoda

The appearance of Buddha images and monasteries are different with others in Myanmar.

Especially the decoration of monasteries are fantastic.

The following photo is Watinn monastery. Its entrance door is decorated with glasses and walls are painted with frescoes.

The glass sculptures
The ceiling decorated with amazing dragon sculpture
The wall paintings in the Watinn monastery

Myoma market

You should try local food..

Shan Noodles of eastern part is really unique and hand made meat balls are so yummy.Try it!


Loimwe is located on a plateau which is 5542ft above sea level. You can reach there by driving from Kengtung for two hours.

Colonial buildings and bloomssom cherry in winter season are the attractions there.

The resident of Colonel Rubel

Eventually, you can imagine the beauty of Kengtung by reading this blog.

There are still many places I left to describe. Just try yourself!

Bye Kengtung!


I keep traveling …



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