Follow the King’s Highway of Thailand

Trail His Majesty the King. He took heart in the possibility of Thailand and the Thailand profound and far-reaching. He laid the foundation for rural development. And help people to be self-reliant is “enough to” have the freedom to live without having to rely on the technology and the dynamics of globalization. He analyzed that if the self-reliant, it will help strengthen the country as a whole in the end.

Speeches that reflect the vision to strengthen their people’s livelihood and to have enough to eat.

In practice, the starting point of economic development is sufficient. The economic recovery of local communities Just as the principle and social processes. Since the rehabilitation and expansion of the network of Sustainable Agriculture.

Developing the capacity to produce and consume well enough to eat up to advanced processing household industry. Professional and academic skills, a variety of emerging markets trading, and capital formation.

Just as the economy just enough to keep himself did not have to suffer. There needed to be done by yourself and not competing with anyone. And the rest to help those without. This led to an exchange in the community. And to finally be able to expand exports. Just as the economy began to turn from their cooperation. How to pull this potential. Out of the strengthening of the family. Which is intertwined with the “spirit” is “valuable” than “value”.

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