7 Reasons I Don’t Go to Class
khaled khalil

I received feedback (from an educator of mine) that the opening sentence is not rigorous enough and puts off those with opposite opinions. He probably was referring to the generalizing use of the term “boring” to describe all classes. I thought of changing it to “Some classes are boring — but even the good classes are bad in concept.” This opening would have attracted the audience of educators who wish to think critically about the concept of classes to find ways to design better educational experiences.

I chose the term boring in a generalizing manner, though, as it is quite expressive while in the same time easier to relate to. Recent research argues for a causality of the lack of meaning in one’s life behind boredom. That is precisely what being stacked amongst a large set of people to do the same predefined activity in the same time does to one’s sense of worth and value. If “Boredom” means deceasing in terms of spirit slowly, then I do believe that classes are boring.

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