Journal 9

After a super long spring break in Los Angeles, I was able to take time and reread HELEN on my flight. Which was interesting because it allowed me to find many correlations within my vacation.

For one, the thought of Helen being completely oblivious and unaware of the drama she caused was completely absurd to me. It just does not make sense to have spent 10 plus years in oblivion. However, as I thrive in a communication driven society I chose to make minimal use of my phone over break. and I completely get it. I came home to a complete mess while I enjoyed my break in complete oblivion, just like Helen. But lets get to the point.

Helen is a liar.

I guess theres no other way to word my sentiments. I just think its complete bullshit to be perfect all of the time and thats what Helen (the play) portrayed. If I had read this play as a child, when I wanted and believed that everyone was perfect at all times, I would definitely had bought into it. But life does not work like that. I feel as though Helen was not a phantom and was completely aware of everything and actually present in Troy. And thats okay. I rebuke Helen but we all make mistakes. It sucks to have to get negative responses from a poor decision but I honestly think this fake Helen is perfect ending is just that, Fake. I have to really take time and think about how possible this COULD BE. But I just cant really believe it. Just as we spoke about in class, I feel like this is fan fiction. Someone, who was deeply enthralled in Helen’s beauty, wanted her to do no wrong. However, I believe that perfection cannot exist. Which leads to my next point.

Considering the entire outcome of the Trojan War, including HELEN…..

WHO IS THE FAIREST? If what Helen has said is true, and the goddesses were really jealous of her, I would say it was Helen who was the fairest the entire time. I say this because they immediately made her a target of punishment, the only reason being that she is the most beautiful girl in all of Greece.

Its even more interesting because I have watched the Goddesses interfere s0 much within the Trojan war, therefore that makes Helen’s story more believeable.