Things you can learn from Buddha’s life

The life story of Siddhartha Gautama (or Buddha) depicts how you can lead a life that’s peaceful and without worries. Either by reading about his teachings or meditating, the people across the world try to add serenity to their lives. A lot of individuals also use Buddha’s posters and sculptures to stay inspired.

Here we discuss some essential things that you can learn from his life.

Understand the point of view of others
Everyone has his/her own point of view. And every action one takes is inspired by their point of view. By understanding the motive behind their actions, you can have peace of mind. This also helps you let go of anger, which is another thing Buddhism teaches. It is said that when you forgive people, you release yourself from prison of the mind.

Be thankful
You don’t have to wait for a great achievement to be thankful. You can begin this practice right at this moment. So, you must be thinking: What’s there in this moment that I can be thankful for? Well, you have the greatest treasure in the world. We are talking about your life. Be thankful because you are alive. And not just alive, you are healthy enough to read and understand this article. Will you trade these precious things for billions of dollars? We bet you don’t.

Live in the present moment
There are a lot of books written by some great minds discussing why and how to live in the moment. Bothering about both past and future affects you in various ways. In fact, it is an irony that by worrying too about the future, you actually ruin it. Adopting this habit, or should we say characteristic, of being in the present moment is not easy. You can begin by meditation, which prevents your mind from wandering and keeps you focused on what’s there in this moment.

Knowing yourself is enlightenment
A wise person knows the people and situations around him/her. Yes, this is quite necessary for survival. But, do you know what an enlightened person does? He/she focuses on knowing himself/herself. You will enhance self-control, happiness, and decision-making skills through self-knowledge. This practice also keeps you shielded from social pressure.

Your actions define you
You can’t be considered a wise man just because you talk about many things. It is the set of actions that tell who you are. And if you possess virtues like love, fearlessness, and peace, you are indeed a wise being.

Why should you have posters of Buddha at home?
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