Dear Layla

I write to you today because I miss you to an aching point. You will grow to know that this is a big deal. As I am not a person who sets down channeling his emotions into text nor words. I can always rant about anything. I can act them into fictional characters either in my mind or just stories. but never into plain words. Luckily your mother knows this about me. And for some magical reason she understands.

It seems that this is genetic, the other day i was telling your sister, Malak I miss you over the phone. she was like “Shokran” (thank you!).

Quick personal updates. Have been here for almost 5 months away from you, Malak and Hanan. Can’t say I am used to it. but I am more used to it than not. Recently I have discovered I am not doing my usual self maintenance. you know body, mind and soul. don’t worry if this is too much I will walk you through it when it is time. for now simply everyday do something for your body, do something for your mind and do something for mind. But I am working on fixing this.

Today i spent the day at home. with the all windows open to let the sun and fresh air in, I even took a nap as close as I can to the sun rays just to suck the freshness in. don’t ask why now but I discovered a 4 stories high tree in front of my balcony. What caught my attention is the way it dances. a slow dance with the slow breath as if it celebrates the sprint. It made me happy.

Over the past week here it has been sunny and beautiful. It feels as fresh and as clean as it used to be in Port-Said which made me nostalgic a bit but none the less it made me smile.

I am writing to you as the sky turns from clear blue to shades of yellow and orange then black. as I am starting watching “Villa 69” which one of the movies we will have to watch together with Malak again sometime.

I won’t talk to you about the future. The future is yours to make of it whatever you want. To be whatever you want. as long as it is what you want.

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