A 18 Years Old Manifesto

Sitting here, on a Friday morning thinking about all the possibilities as I’m ready to leave for college. Four years ago, I was a broken human being who stuck in a cycle of video games addiction, and later on drugs. Fifteen years ago, my mom died and left me the seed of my insecurities. Despite all of that, I am happy, and I am glad that’s the way things played out.

As I am trying to grow up in this journey of life, I want to share and document my thoughts and feelings with the World. One day, I hope an older Khoa will read these words and be happy with where he will be. This is my first post on Medium, and I promise I will spend at least 5 minutes to write down these thoughts for the next 10 years. Enjoy.

My spirit animal is a Phoenix; Source: “Phoenix Designs”. Pinterest.