I Met the Saddest Man in Hanoi

Yesterday, I went and do paperwork for my visa application. In a depressingly old office with a hint of cat piss, I met a broken man. His eyes were full of sorrow, he seemed to hated his job and his co-workers. In my two hours there, I heard one positive sentence from him.

Behind this experience, everything he did was for the sake of going through the motion. Yet, his eyes were full of regrets, as if the World wronged him somehow.

Maybe I over-read the situation, maybe he just had a bad day, but the incident scared me. I am afraid that one day, I might do the same. Going through the motion each day, not doing anything new, and die.

I don’t have a heartfelt conclusion or anything, I am still trying to figure it out. All I know is that after the meeting, I felt much more appreciative for what I have despite having to say goodbyes, feeling stuck in my room, and feel the pressure of paperwork.