The reason why we bow, the benefits of complete vulnerability, and my take on Islam.

The Open Hand Approach

With all this talks about Islamic terrorism, political chaos, and social inequality; I get overwhelm, and I feel tired of the same old story. Sometimes, it feels like we’re trying our best, but the effort is futile.

My solution is escapism.

Allow me to elaborate.

Escapism is not about running away from your problems. Instead, escapism is about trying our best, and letting go. Emotionally, letting go is difficult when we invest so much time and effort into a task. In a way, when you are so invested, you leave behind a part of your soul, a part of you.

But like parents have to let their kids grow up, people just have to let go and have faith in it.

This is what Islam is about, the complete resubmission to God. Otherwise, life would be very exhausting, because there are bigger forces in the universe.

That’s my initial take on the concept of surrendering, I will invest more time into learning about it. Hopefully, I will write more about it in the future.