The “F You” Numerical

When it comes to financial stability, I think John Goodman said it best

At a certain point, money, grade, or any numerical measurements associate with “success” become unnecessary. What’s the difference between a 3.9 and a 4.0 GPA? What’s the difference between being the second and third richest people in the world? It really doesn’t matter because you can’t spend it all anyway. After a while, these numerical values just become superficial and they are no good.

Yet, they are still super duper important in our daily lives. If a kid fails a class, that based upon a grade, the parents will take their valuables away. If an adult loses his job, that gives a numerical value, his/her life will fall apart.

Therefore, it is best to get a decent chunk of money, grade, or whatever, and just leave them as your safety net. That’s the fuck you number, the number that buys you optionality and choices in life.

But now, let’s not take shortcut on this journey. If you cheat to get a grade, it will probably come back and bite you in the future; I learn this in ninth grade Biology, because even though they didn’t catch me cheating, I found out later that Biology is cool and I really learned nothing in that class. If you scam people for money, it will also come back and bite your well-being or conscience.