The Reason why I am Going to Win

These braggadocious posts are always fun to write, because they make me feel immensely better about myself.

Biggie’s Hypnotize is probably the best braggadocious song EVER! — Source: Billboard

Anyway, the only reason why I am going to win in anything ever is because I will love the journey more than anyone else. That’s all I have, and all I will ever have.

With that love, I am willing to outwork everyone else, I am willing to get punch more than anyone else, and I will be glad to get up from those punches.

If anything, getting hit probably help me more than it harms, because I learn faster that way– that realization took me the longest time to realize.

But what worries me is that what am I going to do when it’s all over? Am I going to be sad and depress that my journey will come to an end, or I am going to be happy with whatever I get? Deep down, I know that I don’t care about the zeros in a bank account, the trophy on the shelf, or whatever they are going to give me. What’s truthfully important are the details that live in my memory and other people’s memories, how I play this game, how I am, and many more.

Yeah, I probably care more about what other think of me than I should, but it doesn’t come close to how much I care about how I think of myself; because that’s where I will be at. Somewhere I can daydream and ponder on about.