The 4 Key Behaviours To Become More Confident In life

I used to be the type of guy who wouldn’t hurt a fly, as a result I was bullied in school. This lead to confidence issues which went into my early career. People would push me around at work and take credit for everything I did and I would just keep my mouth shut.

Years later, I’ve somehow built the confidence to manage teams, speak to high profile clients, close deals, speak in front of thousands of people, date women I want and speak my mind without holding back. Just recently, I was talking to a HR manager and he said that I have natural leadership qualities and a mentor to others.

Not saying all this to brag but just to show you that no one is born with confidence. You build it just like any skill. It may take you years or it may take you weeks, it depends on how you go with it.

Confidence is all about inner strength. It’s about believing in yourself and knowing you can achieve the things you want in life despite circumstances.

It’s having the guts to take action and lead the way.

Below are the 4 behaviours of confident people.

Body Language

If you ever watch confident people walk in a room, you’ll see them walking chin up, head high and moving in a purposeful way. They are on a mission, they have purpose and they own the room. People pick up on people’s body language and if you have a confident pose, you’ll notice that people will mirror you which means they are following you.

Your physiology also determines your emotions as well. If you sit down, slumping and looking down at the floor, how do you feel? Do you feel powerful? Weak? Rejected? Depressed? You’ll find that you’ll feel negative emotions. However if you adjust your body language so that you are confident, you’ll feel more empowered.

Confident people are aware of their body positioning so they always adjust it if they are in a disempowering state.

Practice being aware of your body whenever you’re walking, standing and sitting down.

Voice Tone

Confident people speak with authority and usually in a low tone of voice. A high pitched tone indicates weakness while a low toned voice indicates power. You may notice Hillary Clinton practices her laugh and her voice tone to demonstrate power.

As men, it’s much easier to achieve this while women may have to work slightly harder to have a balance of power and also maintain their femininity.

Practice lowering your voice and speaking with authority.

Beliefs & Certainty

Confident people have indestructible belief in themselves. This is the core of a confident person as they are so sure of themselves, it doesn’t matter what happens, they know that they can rise out of it.

We live in a world of uncertainty and the confident person who walks in with certainty in his or her voice, body language and actions will be followed.

Changing your beliefs so they are empowering takes time. I used to have the belief that I could never be confident until I kept practicing more and more. Eventually I changed my belief so I faked it until I made it. Now confidence comes naturally and reinforces my belief that I’m a confident person.

Practice speaking with absolute certainty and conviction.


Confident people are well experienced in all areas of their life. They’ve simply tried more things and failed more too. As a result, they know what it’s like to go down a particular path and experience that outcome.

Confident people have experiences such as starting a business, relationships, selling and marketing, networking, socialising and more. All these little experiences add up and theres hardly new experiences they have yet tried.

Practice getting out of your comfort zone by doing more things. With this experience, you will act with more conviction and confidence.


Confidence is key. It’s the key to excelling in your career and even attracting the person you want. By applying the top 4 behaviours of confidence, you’ll become Harvey Specter in no time.

Stay Strong and Be Relentless.

Khoa Bui