Medical AI Projects

Last Update: 18th Oct 2016

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Artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing the field of medicine rapidly. Here’s a list of the commercialised initiatives I have read/heard about. Contact me if you would like to add any initiatives to the list.

The number of companies will probably get too big at one point for it to feasibly continue. A surprising amount of medical AI companies are very poor at explaining what they do for laypeople, so I have summarised what I perceive their company to do.

Currently, the companies being funded the most are computer vision and image recognition companies. It will be interesting to see whether this trend changes!

Computer Vision/Image Recognition


  • Enlitic: Radiological diagnosis with interpretation of medical notes
  • Zebra: Radiological machine learning for osteoporosis, emphysema (COPD), pulmonary hypertension, coronary calcium scoring and fatty liver
  • MedyMatch: Intracranial haemorrhage detections in the ED/ER
  • Neural Analytics: Diagnosis of concussions with ultrasound headset
  • AvalonAI: Alzheimer’s disease prediction from structural, diffusion and functional MRIs
  • BayLabs: Rheumatic heart disease on ultrasound
  • Maxwell MRI: MRI machine learning, unspecified tasks


  • Proscia: Digital pathology client for cancer, collaboration over the cloud
  • Autoscope: All-in-one malaria detection computer
  • xRapid: Detection of malaria and TB from an app connected to a 100x objective lens microscope
  • SigTuple: Screens for malaria, anaemia and counts peripheral blood smears, must capture images with phone fitted on microscope


  • IBM Watson Dermatology: Scans melanomas and determines likelihood of malignancy
  • Google Deepmind Health for Ophthalmology: Automatic diagnosis of Diabetic Retinopathy and Age Related Macular Degeneration
  • Microsoft Seeing AI Project: Scans and narrates the world for the blind
  • Aipoly: Scans and narrates the world for the blind
  • Advenio: Indian startup for retinal images, tuberculosis on CXRs
  • AiCure: Facial recognition and motion sensing to detect taking of pills
  • Imagen Technologies: Medical imaging, unspecified but funded as of Sept 2016
  • Microsoft-Novartis MS: Movement detection for Multiple Sclerosis

Supervised Learning from Data

Population Health

  • Welltok: Determines population risk and which programs to recommend for individuals as part of employer health plans
  • Apixio: Determines risk of death for insurance companies in the American Medicare system
  • AllizHealth: Predicts lifestyle related health problems for individuals and population subsets

General Clinical Decision Support Systems

  • Ada: Diagnostic app, with doctor and patient facing clients
  • Babylon: Diagnostic software
  • Mindshare Medical: Diagnostic software
  • Human Dx Project: Automation of clinical diagnosis, may improve diagnosis of rare diseases
  • MedWhat: Question and answering client for medical questions


  • IBM Watson for Oncology: Scans patient notes and medical literature to return personalised chemotherapy regimes
  • Google Deepmind Health for Nephrology: Diagnosis of AKI
  • Google Deepmind Health for Radiation Oncology Segmentation: Automatic segmentation in radiology oncology (avoids sensitive/important anatomical regions)
  • Microsoft Cancer Moonshot: Personalised therapy for oncology and sifting through genetic data to find cures for certain types of cancer
  • Medasense: Pain monitoring device via finger mounted probe
  • Biobeats: Stress management
  • Depression and anxiety tracking from smartphone data and self-reported surveys
  • Nuritas: Searches for compounds in food beneficial to health
  • CNSDose: Antidepressant therapies based on genetic data, Melbourne startup
  • MIT Speech and Language Disorders: Analyses audio recordings of children’s performances on a storytelling test (narrative from a series of images)
  • ResApp Health: Analyses cough sounds to provide respiratory diagnosis


  • Deep Genomics: Genetic variation and linkage with diseases
  • Sophia Genetics: Genetic variation for cancers
  • Francis Crick Institute: General genome prediction

Drug Discovery

  • BenevolentAI: Scans drug R+D papers for potential areas of discovery

Individualised Risk Management or Insights

  • Healint: Management of chronic diseases for GPs from patient input, historical data and relevant wearables/devices
  • Lumiata: Individual risk management system for patients
  • Jvion: Predictive insights into healthcare data
  • Medal: Natural language processing of EMRs for insights
  • Qualaris: Collection of compliance data
  • Catalia Health’s Mabu: Personalised healthcare robot for chronic disease tracking

Chatbots/Natural Language Processing

  • Lark: Diet and exercise chatbot to manage chronic diseases
  • Sensely: Virtual nurse for patients post-discharge
  • TeleLanguage: Doctor conducts language therapy sessions with multiple patients simultaneously by training an AI algorithm


  • Tess from X2AI: Psychological chatbot which administers personalised psychotherapy and psycho-education
  • Beyond Verbal: Emotional analytics which can parse voice and detect mental health context
  • Chatbot to diagnose depression and anxiety

Monitoring Systems/Anomaly Detection

  • HealthMap: Prediction of flu, Ebola and Zikavirus epidemics
  • IBM Watson Intensive Care: Anomaly detection of unwell patients in ICU
  • Lifegraph: Extracts behavioural patterns from smartphone data to detect distress

Intelligent Devices and Wearables

  • Gale: An “intelligent” first-aid kit with sensors, first aid guides, teleconferencing capability with physicians
  • Augmedix: Scribes medical notes with Google Glass
  • Brain Power: Gamifies emotional cues for children with autism
  • Phys-IQ: Tracks vitals via wearables
  • Magnea: Detects traumatic falls via wearables
  • Sentrians: Biosensors for outpatients, deterioration detection
  • Quanticare: Walking frames which tracks joints of elderly patients for falls prevention

Surgical Robots

  • Cambridge Medical Robots: Robot-assisted keyhole/laparoscopic surgery, currently exists for head and neck, upper GI, colorectal and bariatric surgery
  • Gauss Surgical: Monitors blood loss during surgery in real time with iPad
  • ENT VR Project (Unnamed): Expert advice during ENT surgery in a project led by Stephen O’Leary at RVEEH/UoM
  • ROSA: Surgical assistant for neurosurgery
  • Globus Medical: Implant alignment/positioning
  • Mako Robot: Aids in total knee reconstruction
  • Medtronic: Aids in colorectal, thoracic and bariatric surgery
  • Transenterix: Aids in laparascopic surgery
  • Titan Medicine: Aids in general and colorectal surgery
  • Corindus Vascular: Aids in vascular surgery
  • NAVIO Robot: Aids in orthopaedic surgery
  • Verb Surgical: In the works collaboration between Verily and J&J