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What is Mining City and Bitcoin Vault?

I wrote a detail post about Mining City and Bitcoin Vault in this post. You can check it out

How to buy MiningCity Plan to mine Bitcoin Vault?

You can buy Bitcoin Vault mining plan with Bitcoin (BTC) or Bitcoin Vault (BTCV)

To take advantage of 100 days bonus, I recommend you to buy with BTCV.

There are 6 plans.

$100 = 1 TH, except for the Platinum plan, you have 12 TH bonus. Click here to know to how calculate your daily income

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A good menu bar app can boost your productivity and creativity!

Screenie 2

Screenie 2 is a new type of screenshot manager designed specifically for macOS Catalina.

What are you reading?

When I meet someone I admire, I often ask what books they are readings.

When I follow anyone who has extraordinary work on the Internet, I find which book they are reading too.

Reading their recommended/favorite books, of course, doesn’t help me achieve what they’ve achieved. I think, at least, it improves my life in a good way.

I also notice other successful people do the same thing. They follow other’s more successful about the reading recommendations.

So that’s the reason why I came up with the idea to create a web application that can help me first and others…

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Recently I and my friend wanted to build an app that can save the inspired and outstanding highlights when we’re surfing the Internet. After a few days of building, we launched it and you can try it here

In this post, I want to share our thought process as well as how we come up with the idea, and how we build the product. Hope that this post can help you.

The idea

There are some types of apps that help you save content online:

  • Bookmark app like Get Pocket. This type of app saves your list of URLs. Then, the user…

In my project for my clients, I need to build a feature to create excel file and export it to PDF.

I use EPPLUS for spreadsheet file creation. Then I got stuck with exporting to PDF.

There are 2 ways to export a Excel file to PDF in .NET

  • You can use some commercial libraries like Spire.xls or GemBox.Spreadsheet. They have easy-to-use APIs.
    Done. But, they’re expensive. You have to use pro license because their’s free limitation version. (of course)
  • You can use Microsoft Office (COM) Interop. It means you use some predefined APIs to automate your Excel application (on…

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Is chatbot “good" as you think?

I think clicking on this title means that you used to hear/use/do a chatbot. Some advantage of chatbot that everyone knows:

  • Automatic script to sell, consult or get user information to save time when doing these things by hand. You have to create a conversation flow like a matrix to direct the user to what they want without confusion.
  • A scale on operations: Chatbot helps you support thousands of users at the same time from early in morning or midnight. You don’t have to say “Too many inboxes, I can’t reply all. …

Hey, I just reset my Macbook. This mean I have to install all new tools and apps.
And I found this error when installing Rails

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Sometimes, I found myself in this situation “don’t even know how to install a tool” :D. What is the nokogiri files?

Here is the right steps I found. Just wrote this post to save your time (If you’re in this situation)

Step 1: Install Command line tools on terminal
xcode-select — install

Step 2: Install Homebrew
ruby -e “$(curl -fsSL"

Step 3: Install rbenv brew update brew install rbenv ruby-build echo ‘if which rbenv…

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What is an MVP?

A minimum viable product ( MVP ) is a super ‘light’ version of the one you want to build. For example, back to 2004, you’d like to build a social network like Facebook.
Your MVP has these features:

User Authentication, User can post status, other users can comment.

There would be no like, share, reactions,, live video, fan page, groups, etc.

With MVP, you also provide it to a small number of users. With this example above, you can release the product for the college students like Mark did.

Overall, the main reason we build an MVP is to test…

College is boring

First, I want to tell a little about myself so that you can understand my background and ability. I guarantee that if I can do this, you can do this too.

I study Software Engineering at college, my program is 4.5 years for achieving a Bachelor of Engineering degree and I’m in my final year.

At college, I mostly learn theoretical knowledge like Algorithm, Object Oriented Programming, Database, OS, etc.

I know this knowledge is crucial and fundamental for a developer. But teacher often uses unreal examples to teach them like:

+ bar and foo for variable name all the…

Khoa Nguyen

Creator of and Owner of — support founders in Vietnam to build their first MVP

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