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The Power of Connecting Through Story

Khobi Brooklyn
Jul 31, 2018 · 2 min read

Every company has a story to tell. Sometimes the story springs to life with a big bang. Sometimes it grows quietly. And every good story told brings its audience along on a journey.

This journey is essential for successful companies. I love how a company’s story can create enthusiasts and build communities of evangelists. I love how a strong story starts conversations and inspires action.

I feel so lucky to have built my career around telling stories that help shape and build a company’s Brand. The journey of crafting a story that helps a product reach more people, or sharing a vision that pushes society to think bigger, is an incredible adventure.

Today, with more ways to communicate and higher consumer expectations for companies to share and stand by their values, a company must constantly consider how it will shape its perception and connection to the world. Through storytelling, there is an ongoing opportunity to show leadership and to engage with customers in creative and impactful ways.

Atomic is in the business of founding and funding companies. We turn great ideas into great companies more effectively and efficiently because the ideas and people behind them are supported by experts across core business functions. Atomic has created an incredibly valuable support system for founders so they can focus on bringing their vision to life — among them, hims, TalkIQ, Terminal and Zenreach.

hims is a great example of the power of connecting through story. The Atomic f(o)unded men’s wellness brand has quickly found its way into the habits of men’s daily regimes, using creativity to build awareness and create a meaningful connection with its customers. Many think of a Brand as just a logo. Really, a Brand is how a company is perceived in the world. It’s what gives a company distinction, meaning and a connection to its customers.

I’m excited to join Atomic and add this strategic arm of brand building and storytelling to Atomic’s core, so our early stage companies can connect with the world and inspire people to be part of their story — as customers, employees or investors.

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