Acceptance of the LGBTQIA among African Americans

Shandahla Maverick
Mar 1 · 4 min read

Americans have become the posterchild of trending entertainment. There are many extremes that Americans take to get their faces on billboards or social media publications. It’s all about what’s trending.

The African American community follows in the footsteps of the latest fashions and trends according to entertainment. This somehow makes the community seem whole in the latest aspect of American life. In the Civil Rights movement, James Baldwin, a renowned Artist, was an extremist who fought for Human Rights in a two dimensional view, a black male and homosexual. He was one of the first African American Pioneers to fight for Homosexuality and Lesbianism in The African American community.

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The analyzed acceptance of the LGBTQ community among African Americans is easily an illusion within the different cultures of the African American community. The differences of opinions in the choices the LGBTQ community “succumbs” to re-identifies spirituality as an individual choice. Embracing sexuality is ridiculed and often swept under the rug if you are not “married” in the fellowship of most religions among blacks, regardless of sexual preference. Is sexuality shameful in the “black” community? Why is sexuality ostracized in certain African American communities? How important is marriage in the African American community?

The LGBTQ movement is associated with a culture that is extensive in membership. It is not merely homosexuality; it is a broad personification of freedom of choice in self-identification. Understanding the movement has few incentives, therefore, creating a divide of mentality in the black community. Many lack the care to speak about homosexuality. It is ultimately an individual choice.

Same sex preference has always been a dramatic point of stigmatization in the African American community on multiple levels of mentalities, in religion, in personal lives, as well as in the workforce. Homosexuality and Lesbianism in an obscured way was being pinned to a symbolic cross in the African American community for decades, until the break of the LGBT movement. It was often looked upon as a form of retardation or a demonized rebellion. To make matters complex, victims of sexual abuse are seemingly shunned because of their sexual preferences after their traumatic experiences. We are all victims of some sort, shunning is irrelevant.

Today concepts of Homosexuality and Lesbianism is changing because of the change in scope of entertainment, not to be confused with stereotypes. The entertainment culture open doors for several movements’ platforming in the American mentality of equality, Civil Rights and Human Rights.

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The LGBT movement paved the way for the Homosexual and Lesbian community among African Americans to embrace an alternative society within humanity and live as if thy belong to a greater message. The stigma has not ceased, but it is gradually dissipating in every stand. Although upcoming generation of African Americans accepts the LGBTQ community in entertainment with open arms, the understanding of why sexual preference differs is sparking the adolescent youth interest.

In speaking with a 13-year-old female gendered “biological girl” in middle school, her comments on the LGBT community was very clear that she was an ally of the community. She said, “they were people just like everyone else”, she also quickly emphasized that the community was known formally as the “LGBT”Q” community”.

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We all are a part of humanity, fighting for the cause of equality. Asking for acceptance or even fighting for acceptance is an obligation worthy of any cause. Social media is the one of the direct outlets for human rights on all levels of intelligence. However, there is always the subject of spirituality in the African American community; that will ever be the underlying theory of right and wrong choices.

In the African American community, acceptance of Homosexuality and Lesbianism correlates in the bounds of freedom of speech. The common culture of a community entails the core values that does not go against the norms. The common reaction to the deviating behavior of values varies in the black community. The meaning of love and togetherness also has specific traditions within the community. On occasions the informal signal of acceptance have slight undertones of rejection.

The attributes of Love shown in the African American community comes in many forms; it is symbolic to the individual cultures within the distinct communities. Uniformly, African Americans must ensure that one’s intentions are seen and felt beyond the delivery of emotion. Love is needed to bridge the gap of unity. “Because we are different, does not mean that we are we are separate”. We as a people, whether black or white are still standing on the threshold of civil rights. Influence of reactions and acceptance very often avalanche among the diverse cultures of the African American community .

Controversial conversations are common among the “Familia” and is to be expected, but may not always be the appropriate setting. This too is a symbol of love and acceptance in understanding the choice of the family member. It’s on a very rare occasion that the remarks within the Familia are meant to harm the individual. Contrarily acknowledging that passionate and hurtful rejection can in some cases be considered “love”.

The understanding of The LGBTQ movement will encourage the African American community to look pass the distinguished differences and love unconditionally as we should in accepting one another for who we are and the choices we make as individuals, equal in Human Rights and Civil Rights.

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