Tips To Follow During African Hunting Trip

Hunting is by far is one of the best adventurous activities to enjoy in Africa. But to ensure that hunting trip is successful, it is vital to follow a set of precautions and tips while in Africa.

Let’s go through different tips that are essential to follow during a hunting trip to Africa.

Use UV protection

It is necessary to use a sunscreen lotion with maximum UV protection while in Africa. Make sure to have a sun block with a rating of SPF30 or more. You can prevent yourself from sunburns and tanning through a suitable protection. Also, risks associated with skin cancer are prevented with it.

Choose good quality hunting boots

Make sure to carry leather boots or the boots prepared through the combination of synthetic and leather materials. If you are confused about which type of leather boots to choose, you can go for full grain leather boots. This is one of the most durable and thickest materials, and will ensure maximum protection and support. While looking at the soles of the boots, choose the one with the multidirectional tread pattern. They will ensure good traction under different conditions and multiple forms of surfaces. Footwear may actually vary depending on the type of hunt and the terrain, so contact us if you are unsure.

Choose dark color clothes

The light bright colors should not be worn as the light reflected from them can scare the game. Therefore, it is advised to wear clothes that are darker than standard khaki. Dark green and dark brown clothes or camp are ideal for hunting in Africa.

Avoid being over/under gunned

For most of the plains game, your favorite deer rifle is the correct choice. For the larger plains game such as Eland, the larger calibers are preferred; 300, 338. By all means, it should be a rifle you are comfortable with and shoot well. For dangerous game, a .375 H&H Magnum the minimum allowed in many countries and is plenty of power. although most shots will be under 100 yds, practice till you can hit a 8-inch circle from 200 yards distance. Practice using shooting sticks as this is the preferred method of most Professional Hunters.

Protect yourself from malaria

Though the regions like Namibia, Botswana and South Africa are not affected by malaria, you must remain careful while visiting places like Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Uganda and Mozambique. Consult your doctor.

Don’t underestimate the cold

During the hunting season, the days are usually sunny and mild. But during the night, the temperature drops substantially. Riding in open vehicles even at low speeds can be quite chilly in the early mornings and evenings. Be prepared for temps from the 40’s to 90’s and dress in layers. Carry jackets, gloves, and watch sock caps. I usually dress in shorts and a t-shirt then put on pull-over pants, jacket, gloves and sock cap. By 10 am I am usually down to the shorts and t-shirts.

Choose the right hunting outfitters

This is quite a crucial step which decides the amount of pleasure you will experience while hunting. KhoiSan Adventures only recommends technically proficient outfitters on your behalf. We match the outfitter to you and your preferences. We also visit and hunt with all the outfitters we recommend and visit them every few years to make sure they are still up to our standards.

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