9 Pro Tips for Scoring Huge Deals When Shopping Online

As the online business environment becomes increasingly competitive, online stores are employing innovative ways of attracting and retaining customers. This is good news for smart online shoppers. With a little effort, you can get some really good deals and amazing discounts. Here are a few tips to help you in your deal-hunting endeavors.

1. Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing is a system in which online stores display varying prices to different shoppers based on product demand, spending habits, browsing patterns, and location of the shoppers. It is for this reason that online shoppers at times find an over 20% increase in the price of, say, airfare within a day.

Dynamic pricing has grown increasingly sophisticated over the years, allowing online stores to instantly know your price point and display a significantly higher price on your browser compared to other shoppers on the same ecommerce site.

The following tips can help you work around this system of buyer profiling.

Clear cookies and browsing history
Sign out of email, social media and other accounts
Browse incognito and anonymously using Tor
Opt for localized versions of websites
Select less developed countries as home

2. Perfect Timing

Choose the right day to shop. While you may certainly be tempted to look around various online stores on some laidback Sunday afternoon, avoid cashing out at this time. A majority of online stores launch special offers and discounts between Wednesday and Friday. Other than that, some research has shown that Sunday is a great day to get inexpensive airfare.

Carry out some research to find out when electronics retailers give out special deals on products such as laptops and computer accessories. Online book stores such as Barnes & Noble and Amazon have been known to offer special Saturday offers for bookworms looking for a great read for the weekend.

3. Combining Multiple Coupons

Well-established websites allow you to stack multiple promo codes and coupons, such as Flipkart offers, as you checkout. Make sure you use them in the correct order or use a browser extension, such as Honey, that sorts them for you. As a rule, start with Flipkart discount coupon codes and coupons that are percentage-based then follow them with those based on a flat amount.

4. Price-Drop Refunds

There are instances where you purchase a product online, only for the online store to offer a sale on the product the next day. Needless to say, that can be quite frustrating. Some online stores can, however, give you a refund of the price difference provided you get in touch with them within a given number of days.

What’s more, some credit card companies offer their users price protection. This means that, irrespective of the online store in which you shop, you will receive a refund for the price difference in case the price goes down within a given number of days.

5. Signing Up for Email Lists

You stand to make huge savings by signing up to promotion lists, coupon/deal sites, and newsletters. If you’re worried about getting spammed and having a cluttered inbox, use email add-ons such as unroll.me, which allow you to unsubscribe from spam and keeps your inbox organized by aggregating all your subscriptions into one email digest.

6.Making Comparisons

As a deal-hunter, you’re looking for the best prices for the things you want to buy. To make this possible, install browser add-ons such as PriceLink, which help you make sizable savings by automatically extracting the prices at which different online stores sell a product. These apps then organize the prices in an easy to read chart.

Other features you can expect from a good comparison app or browser add-on are notifications for available Flipkart offers, bar code scanning, and additional information such as hidden expenses, shipping, and taxes among others.

7.“Hanging” Carts

Instead of checking out immediately, you can leave it there for one or two days. To begin with, this affords you the benefit of avoiding the buyer’s remorse that comes with impulse buying. Moreover, most online stores don’t like unclosed sales and they will attempt to push you to buy the products.

As a result, the online store may send you an offer for a discount or a coupon the next day. Just keep in mind that for this to work, you need to have an account on the online store and stay logged in when you leave you cart.

8. Multiple Coupons through Multiple Emails

A number of online stores are fond of distributing one-time coupons to a specific group of customers registered to their ecommerce site. To get a greater chance of making sizable savings, sign up for the merchant’s newsletter using more than one email account.

Think about it: how much savings do you stand to make if you got three fifty-percent-off Flipkart discount coupon codes for a single product? Most people have more than one email address and, in any case, signing up for additional email addresses is easy and free.

9.Negotiating with Customer Support

Sometimes, you might find a really profitable coupon in your email only to realize that it expired a day or two ago. You need not worry. You can call the online store’s customer support and request an extension for your coupon because you want to place an order for the product.

In many cases, the company’s sales representative will want to close a sale and will therefore extend the expired coupon or give you a new promo code to use. While it may not work every time, especially for products with low prices, it is certainly worth the effort.

If your call to the online store’s customer support fails to go through for one reason or another, you can try using the live chat customer support services that can be found in a majority of online stores. Make a few polite inquiries regarding the products you’re interested in and ask if there may be any discounts offered.

It is widely known fact among smart shoppers and skilled coupon users that customer support representatives on some online stores can provide a customer with a promo code that may be easily available through other means.

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