9/21: Start ‘Associations’ post for outline and timeline.

9/23: Do something fun! Play board games or watch a comedy.

9/24: Spend at least an hour on mind map on ‘Health and Wellness’. Do it on the mapping website that is given in the slideshow. 10 silly ideas. Sketch and title on individual pages (landscape view). Look at the slideshow for point breakdown to see what else needs to be done.

9/25: Compile everything and post to blog.

9/28: Blog is due.

9/30: Peer Reviews Due.


Do Something Fun

For my fun activity, I decided to make a little airplane model. I hadn’t made anything like this in years so this was a great change. I felt that making something like this might help me take a break from studying and homework as it would help me be creative and help me in using my hands. I think that this is important to experience since it would be a nice change from my normal classes where I am just trying to soak up information to study.

I started this model by taking the parts out of the model sprue, and carefully sanding down the plastic bits that came off of them to make the parts look more seamless. Then I glued using a strong plastic glue to help bond the parts together. After that, I primed the little airplane outside on the cardboard ‘work station’ that I made for this project. There were some parts that the spray couldn’t reach so I used some liquid primer (which can be seen in the background), to fill in some of those crevices inside the cockpit.

The card board workstation is actually just a large cardboard lid, with one of the four sides folded down. This makes it so that the sides are protected from the outside. This is useful when priming outside so that dust or other particles don’t get onto the model as the primer paint dries. Another advantage of this is that when storing the station inside, the parts (which can be quite small), don’t fall off or get lost, since they are in a contained area.

My next step will be to finish the model by painting it in with colors. I think that I will do this more often as it was very enjoyable, and it helped me relax as well. I think that this will help me hone my motor skills as well, which will help me in my architecture program when we become expected to make scale building models.

Mind Map (image)

Step 1:

I started out by first making an overall mind map of everything that I thought would be connected to “Health and Wellness”. This was done because this would help me in organizing everything I thought that would belong to the topic. Making this overall map was a great way to figure out and coordinate all the points and sub-points so that I knew what three topics would interest me the most. By doing this, I would be able to visually see the topics that would interest me the most within each sub-point.

Step 2:

This resulted in these three topics being chosen. I chose these specific topics as they interest me the most in how important they are in my opinion, as well as how they might relate to the class itself. Although there could have been more connections added, I feel that a point must be made of the fact that many nodes are connected, even from different fields, and at different levels. For example, ‘Diet’ being connected to ‘Rural vs. City Living’, even though they are at different levels.

Both of these mind maps were done first and only in the online app (not offline at any point). In the final mind map, the black central node’s description was added with Photoshop as I was unable to add it within the online app.

Mind Map (digitization)

The digitization (the ‘.csv’ file) might be uploaded on Google Drive, as said by Ms. Johnson. The mind maps were done online only.

Suggested Themes

  1. I feel that the environment has an incredible amount to do with our health and wellbeing, perhaps more than anything else. An exploration of this topic is of high relevance for the course topic and working out how to accommodate for the environment that we live in would be an incredibly important way for the class project to do some good for our greater surroundings. A resultant product could be something that we use every day, but also helps in providing our own power or even cleaning the air in some way.
  2. In our ever changing world, mental health has unfortunately become a huge cause for concern. Unhealthy foods, work hours, stress, and so many more causes result in the modern person going through huge amounts of pressure in their daily life. Because of these decisions (purposeful or not), the rise in mental health is definitely a cause for concern. I feel that it would be very interesting to tackle such an issue through simple design. For example, making something that is stress relieving while getting something productive done at the same time.
  3. Our diets have changed an incredibly amount over the last 100 years. We are eating more, and we are eating unhealthy. This has resulted in the food industry essentially flooding the market with unhealthy foods. The result is a society that has become reliant on these tasty foods that are quick and easy. This has also made us increasingly obese and is making us more vulnerable to diseases and cancers through the chemicals and high amount of sugars and salts within most of the food that is available to us. Although this has been done before, something along the lines of a filter that is built into a straw to remove the chemicals within the water that the person is drinking. Another idea could be do make utensils that you could eat afterwards, instead of having to use up water to clean them.

10 Silly Ideas

Air Time
Couch Cuddles
Picture This
White Out Your Tooth
Food in News
Step and Clean
Sleepy Skull
Pill Pockets
Bag Stacks


Era-cd: Uses static electricity to wipe content of devices (pronounced ‘Erased’).
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