How Might We Statement:

“How might we make healthy food more convenient?”


My General Ideas

I tried to come up with ideas that would hopefully push what technology is capable of. I enjoy the ideating process as I feel like it is one of the most important stages of any process, as it decides your path for the rest of the project.

New Warm-Up Game

To begin with the ideation group meeting, a few games were played to loosen people up. As mentioned in class, this helps in getting the group to relax and have a little fun, as this is known to help in facilitating a more free flow of ideas. My game idea was quite simple though. I would spin a coin on a table and people would try to aim for the spinning coin by throwing a separate coin at it. Once you hit it, it counts as point, with the best to 5 points winning the game. I played this first as it was a very simple but fun activity which would then lead to games that we played in class, which perhaps have more reason behind them. From the class activities, we play zip-zap-zop and wordball. We also played the nonsensical wordball game as well. The group really seemed to respond well to the games and helped in creating a fun atmosphere within the group.

Session Organization

A studio in Rapson Hall was chosen because of the interesting layout type. I was hoping that this would lead towards a more creative output.

The session organization was done by last Friday so that I was able to figure out whether the weekend worked for the most people or a weekday, such as Monday. Although it was short notice, I was able to get a total of four participants from a variety of interests and backgrounds.

Carlos was my first participant and he worked at a Starbucks on campus so he was a great fit in having an insight to the general trends of what people prefer to eat on campus, especially at a chain like Starbucks where people are usually going for a caffeinated product. Tim, a worker at a local fast food chain, was also chosen because people in the fast food industry probably have good insight into what is convenient and quick. This understanding could hopefully be channeled into healthy food as well. As I wanted a person that worked at a place where you could get something healthy, I found Gladis, a worker at a local grocery store. She was very insightful with her experiences within the world of grocery stores and really knew about the preferences of people. My last participant was Andrew, a student at the university and would know about eating issues as well as ideas that would be important for students.

I really wanted a good diversity of people in the group because I think that variety helps in pushing for different concepts. As there were some drop outs, I wasn’t able to get a few people that I wanted and the ones that filled in, had to do so on a very short notice so I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked to for the ideation process with the groups. Although I had told them that I was timing them for the duration of the ideation process, the group seemed to be more interested in talking about the issues of healthy food convenience as they were drawing. I feel that this was reflected by the fairly low productivity output of 0.2 ideas/minute/person. This value was given by the 12 or so ideas divided by the 15 minutes that I had left available to me, which in turn was then divided by the total number of people that participated, which was four. Having said this, I was able to get a better insight into some of the issues that are faced by my group through dialogue. In the short time that was available, I forgot to take a picture of group together but did have a picture before they came (see above). The total time was still 45 minutes though, as was the requirement, although I would have liked to use more of that time for ideation than what I was able to.

Sorting and Voting

At this point, I asked who preferred which ideas as a form of voting. I then tallied up my 4 participants’ votes. The ‘Food Alteration’ topic seemed to be the most popular as they each got four points each. The ‘celery with peanut butter holder’ had two points. The ‘food group tray organizer’ and ‘homegrown drone’ each got one point. It was interesting to see that the group seemed to like the idea of changing current foods to meet the requirements of modern society.

Top Ideas

I tried to pick a variety of products that I feel that would be beneficial towards more exploration or possibilities as far as what we can make healthier and more convenient. I think that along with some of my original ideas (see ‘General Ideas’ section), there are a lot of potential paths to undertake as far as what is possible regarding healthy food and its convenience and/or its availability.

Original Idea by Tim
Original Idea by Tim

Timeline (moved from top):

10/19–20: Set up brain storming games and questions for group
10/21: Start ideating questions and contact potential times when people are available.
10/22: Continue organizing people, if people have responded, perhaps set up a time for a brainstorming meeting over the next few days.
10/23–24: Potential brainstorming meeting days
10/25–26: Compile things into blog format

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