Clara Richard

Hey Clara,

I liked that you did something to change the environment around you. As an architecture major, I thought that this was very interesting because our surroundings effect how we see the world around us. This can lead to different perceptions of how we fit into the grander scheme of things. By changing your environment for fun, you did something to not only help you, but also in the sense that they might have helped your creative process since you’re basically breaking out of the surroundings you were probably used to.

I wish that you had kept some of your points from the hand drawn mind map in your computer generated one because there are some great points that could have been added. For example, one of the sections on Organic foods was a great point to add to the final digital mind map but it wasn’t there. I am not sure if you chose to remove it on purpose, but for the sake of a mind map, I think that it is very useful to have all of your thoughts out on the board.

What if you made symbols or little illustrations for most of your mind map points? I noticed that you added some drawings, which is why I thought about this. I think that it would make the mind map really lend itself to your visual style. For me at least, I think visually a lot, so making a mind map of these ‘visions’ of these points only using illustrations would be very interesting. Of course you need to have the words, but as a companion map or even having drawings above the words themselves, I think it would look really cool.

Thanks for the really great input in class as well as great mind map with little details!


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