Carolina, Craft Beers, and Coding.

The accumulated rantings and musings of a Front End Engineering student.

Three weeks ago, after months of preparation and tons of encouragement from the folks closest to me, I packed up my life in Winchester, Virginia and took off for Charlotte, North Carolina to start my studies in the Front End Engineering program at The Iron Yard. After being unhappy for quite some time in my career and taking a look into the crystal ball to see where I would end up in a few years at the current trajectory, I decided to shake things up and join a coding “bootcamp” program.

After only two weeks of class, I can safely say that it has already been one of the best decisions I have ever made. In just two short weeks, there have already been peaks and valleys and moments of turmoil mixed with times of enlightenment. There have also been times where I learned more in one day than I ever learned trying to teach myself coding.

Sure, there have been a handful of proud achievements in this short time span, but there have also been times when I seriously considered hawking all my earthly possessions at the local pawn and buying a one way trip to somewhere deep in the heart of Indochina. But, even in these moments of pure panic and frustration, guess what? I was loving every second of it.

I remember when I would read articles by bootcamp grads in which they stated that their time at The Iron Yard or a similar program were some of the hardest weeks of their lives. I remember rolling my eyes so hard that it was probably audible and thinking to myself, “There’s just no way. It’s just coding. How hard could it be?” So, to all those people that have no idea I was laughing at their puny lack of will, I apologize. I didn’t mean it. Let me get some good karma back. Please.

It’s Friday night and there’s some Higher Order Functions to be coded (and a Pineapple Sculpin or two to be had) so I’ll wrap this up. First dispatch, over and out.