It is a shame to be brought up as a woman in such culture. Living under the title of being a female is a massive struggle in my society. You are criticized for the slightest thing, mis-observed, and banned from doing a lot of actions which are publicly done by men. Being a young ambitious woman, who seeks to be liberated from all of the ideologies that strike us females, is an everyday suffering. Life is not fair, it is said, and so is my community. I have been growing up debating all the ideas and perspectives that have been injected to my mind, for they have never made sense to my skeptic self. Day after day, I came to realize that the existentialism of my gender is way too objectified. We are seen as several inferior things, yet never seen as essential, worthy, strong, intellectual; In fact, we are not allowed to be that, men are. How sad it is to be constructed and never have the chance to figure out the world in your own unique way. How sad to never have the chance to strongly shout whatever feelings you have towards something which made you feel uncomfortable. How sad it is to feel unsatisfied no matter how you contribute in people’s daily lives. It is utterly a shame to spend all of your life taken control of; physically, mentally, and socially. People are afraid of change, women specifically. A fear that has been tightening them up so they can never escape the enslavement they are put under. I refuse to live under that shadow, for I know I can contribute as much as anybody else, I know I am as strong, as opinionated, as any other fellow man in my society. Sometimes I set back and think of how many years of change we need to go through in order to reach a certain level of equality, and I feel extremely devastated, for I know it will take a significant long time that I will not be there to witness it. However, it does not matter as long as it will be achieved. I am aware there are plenty of people who use their reason, sadly, only when they are in the lonely darkness by themselves; they observe, analyze, and think, yet their voices are never heard. I am one of them. Generations have passed, they all died with the thirst of waking up to say something, making a change; no one did, they all passed away and been replaced. I set back thinking about this latter, my emotions start flowing refusing to adapt with the bitterness of the situation, hating myself for being treated like a placid creature. I reckon some may suggest going with the ship, but what if it sank and they have never taught me how to swim? Should I let myself die with it? I’d assume that I do not need anybody else to learn how to float on water, it is as easy. But with the fearful thoughts stuffed in our heads, no one dares to step a foot outside their comfort zone, which I call the illusion hell zone. A never ending lie we live which causes us suffering; If only we were given the chance to express ourselves. If only we had the notion of acceptance in our culture, spared from the stages of being fed bullshit. If I were to be asked about the main component which has the greatest impact on the way we are brought up, I’d say “Religion”. Around the world, organized religions have been creating conflicts between nations carrying signs of peace, deceiving people into thinking they are sacred. Religions have created gaps between genders, misunderstandings, unjustified rules, and most of all boundaries. As humans we must be free to speak our minds, defend ourselves against injustice which is often displayed through plenty of acts in my society. A society I am ashamed of belonging to. How can I not be ashamed when all it does is rule, blind, weaken, scare us, and if we rebel; we are doomed. Secularism is much needed. How can politics and religion be combined? Two pioneers of lying, cheating, two mastered ideologies put together; no wonder why we are never moving forward, instead it seems we are pulling back. It is said every glass of water has two parts, a full one and an empty one, every sword has two sides to it; a sharp one that scars and one which does not. When you see a man with a sign of victory, realize that many women have gone through so much, for men are the only part whose victory is guaranteed. A victory that I do not consider success, rather it is shamefully selfish.

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