pH — ‘A Mi Ku Yini (What Are They Sayin)’ ft. Sho Madjozi

South Africa has a bit of a trap imitation problem.

For every forward-thinking, unmistakably South African song I come across, I’ve generally had to wade through half a dozen Future rip-offs. Some of the beats aren’t half bad, and actually a bunch of these guys pack a decent flow. However, there’s generally little originality in the sound, some painfully derivative lyrics, and it seems most are happy simply to try and impersonate their idols.

What a negative start to a review!

Anyway, with that out the way, I should explain that I’m not here to bash pH and his track ‘A Mi Ku Yini’…far from it.

While the track is clearly trap-influenced, he’s clearly in his own lane. pH’s delivery is laid back and confident, he knows his way around a killer melody, and there’s some really smart production work on display. Sho Madjozi turns out to spit some Tsonga heat a little later on, instantly announcing herself as another name to watch.

I don’t have any issues with South Africans making trap music…artists just have to stamp their own personality on it, like pH and Sho Madjozi have done here.